error code 1603 – The installation or Update of Java is Not Completed

error code 1603 – The installation or Update of Java is Not Completed

error code 1603When installing Java, which is used by many sites and, accordingly, claimed by the user, there may be a number of problems.

One of them is quite serious – error 1603: the update is not completed. However, it can be circumvented.

In principle, there are two ways to install Java – users can select or get Java through online download or offline download.

Sometimes, for Java users, you may have to turn off the firewall, as this may interrupt the installation of Java on the Internet.

If you see the message Java Update or Install is not completed – the error code 1603, then this post may interest you.

Causes of java error 1603

Even the developers themselves are wondering about the reasons for the error 1603. Nevertheless, there are a number of patterns in which it arises:

  • Internet connection interruption;
  • damaged Java program on the computer;
  • damaged java registry;
  • malware or other software that interferes with downloading.

Java Update or Install is incomplete – Error Code 1603

Although the exact cause of this error is unknown, it’s worth checking that you have met all the system requirements for Java.

If you are using a Windows system, make sure that you check for disk space to install Java.

To install Java, make sure that you meet the hardware requirements and use the popular browser to install.

Windows users may also require administrative download and installation rights. In this article, we’ll describe how to fix the 1603 error code: the Java update is not complete.

Solutions of java error 1603

We can fix java error 1603 in several ways. Ultimately, one or the other will help to install or update Java successfully.

The most normal way through that we can solve java error 1603 is:

1.- We install Java, and we let the error, we will have created the installation folder inside the program files, we will go to the location (in case of being Java 8 of 32 bits, for example):

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Java \ jre8 \ bin \ javapcl.exe

Once inside we execute the application of the control panel of Java, javacpl.exe

And in the “Security” tab we uncheck the option “Activate Java content in the browser”

Once this is done, we try again to install Java and now it will install well, and once it is installed, we activate the box that we had unchecked “Activate Java content in the browser.”

If that fails, another possible solution :

This occurs when there is another previous installation of corrupt Java, for this the first thing is to uninstall all previous versions of Java that exist from Windows Programs and Features.

We will also remove the Java directories in Program Files that exist, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

If the problem persists, it usually happens that some Java installation does not appear from Programs and Features to uninstall it and there is no automatic way to do it.

Usually it is the Java Autoupdater process, with ID {4A03706F-666A-4037-7777-5F2748764D10}

To fix it, download this Fix-it uninstaller from Microsoft.

When executing it, we will first indicate that we have problems to uninstall a program, and in the window that comes out to select the program that gives problems.

If nothing of Java appears, we will select the first option “It is not in the list”, and when we ask for the identifier of the program to be uninstalled, introduce:


It will apply the Fix-it, and we will be able to install Java

Try Reboot to fix java error 1603

A simple reboot can work. Restart the PC first. If this does not work, delete the boot file and download the new one from the official Java website. Then restart and try again to install the program.

TIP. Of course, you should check and connect to the Internet. After all, error 1603 when installing Java occurs just because the update is not completed. Also, from simple actions, it is immediately worth scanning the entire system with an antivirus. It is likely that malware is to blame for the failure of the installation.

Disable content and try to fix

The next step is to turn off Java content usage in the browser. This is one of the versions why Error 1603 pops up during installation.

  1. Open the control panel
  2. Open the item “Security.”
  3. Uncheck the box that is responsible for Enable Java content in your browser.
  4. Reboot the computer.
  5. Click Apply and keep the changes in order.
  6. Now, before reinstalling the Java package, download and install the Java package from the official website.

After the installation is complete, enable Java content in the browser in the Java control panel. This is mandatory if the browser uses Java content.

Uninstall previous versions

An installation or uninstallation error with code 1603 also occurs because there are already previous versions of the program in the system.

To eliminate this possibility, it is worthwhile to remove them. Uninstallation is best done through the taskbar. Special tools like CCleaner will also work.

With the help of it, you can check the computer for the presence of harmful programs that may also interfere with the installation.

Registry entries

Finally, error 1603 can be caused by corrupted registry entries. This is the most serious problem. Solving its ordinary user is not always under force.

If you have never worked with the registry, you should not train to fix problems with Java.

Otherwise, you risk damaging the entire operating system, rather than correcting one small error.

If you still decide to start editing the registry without the help of a specialist, first make a backup copy of Windows.

It is better to make any changes with the help of special programs, such as WinThruster. You need to find java related entries and restore or delete them.

But before that, make copies of them (must have the .reg extension) to return everything in the case.

It does not provide such radical methods of solving the problem as reinstalling Windows. It is unlikely that each user will reinstall the OS to fix the error 1603, associated with only one work of Java.

The above methods in most cases relieve the user from problems and allow you to install Java on your PC safely.

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