An Ultimate Guide How To Fix Discord Javascript Error

An Ultimate Guide How To Fix Discord Javascript Error

An Ultimate Guide To Fix Discord Javascript Error

Are you encountering Discord JavaScript error? Don’t worry; here we will help you fix that and get rid of the related issues.

Discord is a useful gaming tool that allows gamers to use the voice-chat feature for free without any hassle.

It’s a popular tool in the Gaming community as it provides unlimited access to its features, but the tool has certain drawbacks too.

Many users have reported that they encountered an error related to Javascript when installing or running the Discord tool. The official website doesn’t have any sharp details related to this error. Well, there are multiple ways to fix Discord Javascript Error.

Below we have provided a step by step troubleshooting guide that will help you get rid of this issue following a few simple steps.

So, let’s not get into the jargons and start with our primary motive to fix Discord Javascript error.

Method 1: Try Whitelisting The Discord Files In Antivirus Tool

If you’ve installed any antivirus tool, especially Avast Antivirus, that could be the main culprit behind Discord Javascript error.

Sometimes, antivirus tools like Avast, accidentally quarantine some installer files, that are required for the installation or update to finish, by flagging them as the potentially dangerous file.

So, if that’s the case with you, you need to locate the installer file and whitelist that in order to proceed with the installation process. Follow the below steps and instructions carefully to proceed with your Avast Antivirus tool.

Step 1:

Launch the Avast Antivirus tool, and follow the below instructions:

Scan >>> Scan For Viruses >>> Quarantine (The Virus Chest)

Step 2:

Once you open/access the Quarantine, look for Discord related files. Once found, restore them and click on “Add to Exclusion.”. If you find some files are auto-generated by the installer, select the “Overwrite” option to replace auto-generated files and relaunch the installation.


If you want to prevent this case for other files, you need to set up the tool itself and the installer file as an exception in the antivirus tool, depending on whether the error has taken place after the installation or during the installation.

Step 1:

Launch the Avast Antivirus tool, go to Settings and then get into the Exclusions section. Here you need to add all those files that you don’t want to be looked after and those you don’t want to be scanned or considered a threat.

Step 2:

Add the Discord’s installer folder here in the exclusions to prevent the scanning. If the error is encountered during the installation, go to the location where the installer file is located and select it.

Step 3:

Once you’re done with the above steps, close the Avast Antivirus window and try installing or rerunning the Discord to check if Discord Javascript error is fixed.


Pro Tip: If this method fails, you might have to completely uninstall the Avast and install the Discord again without the Avast installed. Once the Discord installation is done successfully, reinstall the antivirus, and everything should run as it should.

Method 2: Solution For Windows 7 Users

This solution is created especially for Windows 7 users who are not able to install or run Discord on their system. The solution is pretty easy. Have a look below and follow the steps mentioned.

Step 1:

Click on Start menu, look for the “Computer” option and click right on it. Now choose the “Manage” from available options.

Step 2:

Here you need to navigate to the server manager and then get into the Features section. Once you’re there, click on Add features option to proceed further.

Step 3:

The Add Feature Wizard will get launched immediately and there you need to look for “Quality Windows Audio Video Experience” option. Once found, check the box next to this option and click on Next to proceed further.


Now just confirm the installation and make sure that you’ve selected the “Quality Windows Audio Video Experience.” Now click on the Install button and wait for the installation process to get finished. Now restart your computer in order to save all the changes made to it.


If you’re still getting the same Discord Javascript error, try the below method.

Method 3: Try Performing The Clean Reinstall To Fix Discord Javascript Error

Now this one is the most effective method that works most of the time in fixing Discord Javascript Error. Follow the below steps to proceed with this method and fix Discord Javascript Error.

Step 1:

First of all, ensure that you’ve logged into your  PC with the administrator account.

Step 2:  

Click right on the Start menu and navigate to the Control Panel section by Searching for it.

Step 3:

Once you’re there in the Control Panel menu, select view option available at the top and choose view as “Category.” Now get into the Uninstall A Program heading available under the Programs tab.

Step 4:

Now search for Discord and click right on it to get the uninstall option. Click on the Uninstall option to proceed and uninstall the Discord from your PC.

Delete Remaining Folders

Once you’ve uninstalled the Discord tool, it’s time to delete the remaining folders that usually results in Discord Javascript error. Follow the below steps to delete those culprit folders.

Step 1:

Click on the start or search button and type Run. Alternatively, you can also press Win Key + R to launch the Run program. Once the Run dialog appears on screen, type “%appdata%” and hit enter.

Step 2:

Now a folder will open, and there you need to find Discord folder. Once found, click right on that and choose Delete to remove that folder.

Step 3:

Now get back to the Run Dialogue Box and retype “%localappdata%” and hit enter. Again you need to locate the Discord folder and delete the files as you did in step 2.

Once you’re done with the above steps and successfully and deleted the remaining Discord folders, you’re all set to reinstall the Discord tool.

Simply download the new installer file from the official website by
following this link, run the installer program, follow on-screen instructions and that’s it. This method will surely help you say goodbye to Discord Javascript Error.


So, those are some of the best approaches and methods to fix Discord Javascript Error. Try all the methods mentioned above, and one of these will surely help you get rid of the issue.

So, thanks for reading this troubleshooting post and we hope it has helped you. Also, do follow us to read more such troubleshooting guides and tips.

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