How To Fix The Internal Error Of The YouTube 500 Server Simply And Quickly

How To Fix The Internal Error Of The YouTube 500 Server Simply And Quickly

YouTube 500 server internal errorYouTube is a popular video-sharing site where users can download, view, evaluate, share and celebrate videos. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are now turning to YouTube. When posting or watching videos on YouTube, YouTube may have the following problems: For example, an internal error on the YouTube 500 server.

Although it is a very general government code, ordinary people are often disappointed and angry because of this problem.

We share important information about this status code. You’ll also get information on how to solve the internal YouTube 500 server bug and this version.

What is the internal 500 server error on YouTube?

When accessing other sites, an internal 500-server error may occur. This means something happens to the site server, which stores all the content and data you want to access.

In other words, if the internal error of the YouTube server 500 is displayed, it means that the YouTube server is turned off or that you can not normally receive your request.

Since the error message is generated by the YouTube site you are visiting, you do not have to worry about your computer and hardware.

The reasons for the internal error on the YouTube server 500

In addition to the site server, there is a possibility that a crash may cause an error on your internal YouTube server 500, for example:

  1. Double Functions. When you share or comment on other videos on YouTube, your content is downloaded to the YouTube server and appears on the site. It takes some time and depends on your internet connection. Some people can not wait and push the buttons over and over again. YouTube can now create duplicate transactions.
  2. Save data or cookies to your browser. When you open the YouTube site, the displayed page may have a cache. If something goes wrong, you will receive an internal error of 500 servers.
  3. YouTube can not display the requested page and usually finds an internal error on the YouTube 500 server.

How to solve the internal server 500 error on YouTube

In this section, we’ll show you the most common ways to fix the Internal 500 Server Error.

# Method 1: Update the YouTube page

If your browser has an internal error on the YouTube 500 server, please first notify the site. Sometimes a page update can correctly send the request to the site server. The ways to force a site update on Windows and Mac are slightly different.

  • In Windows: hold the Ctrl + F5 keys on the keyboard at the same time, or press the Ctrl key and click the Update icon in the browser.
  • For Mac OS: Click Shift and click the update icon.

The methods are available for IE, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

# Method 2: Delete cached data and cookies

Internal server error in YoutubeStored data and cookies may be rare, but it may be an internal error on the YouTube 500 server. The following features may delete cache data and cookies in the browser.

Clear cache and cookies in Internet Explorer:

Step 1, open IE, expand the Tools menu and click Clear Browsing History to open the corresponding windows.

In step 2, select the boxes next to “Save cookies, history, and bookmarks to the site.” And click Delete.

Delete cache and cookies in Safari:

Step 1, open the “Computer” menu in the top right corner of Safari and select “Restart Safari.”

In step 2, select the “Delete History” and “Delete All Data” checkboxes and click the Refresh button.

Delete cache and cookies on Chrome:

Step 1. Click the three-point menu icon in the top right corner of Chrome, select Settings, and go to Advanced.

Step 2: Scroll down, look for “Delete Browser Data” and open it.

In step 3, select the start time from the drop-down list, check your cache, history, and cookie settings and click the “Clear preview data” button.

Delete cache and cookies in Firefox:

Step 1. Expand the “Firefox” menu with three horizontal lines, select “Options,” go to the “Privacy and security” tab, and in the “History” section, click the “Delete recent history.”

Step 2 In the popup dialog box, select the “Cache,” “Cookies” and “History” checkboxes and click the “Delete Now” button.

# Method 3: Restart the router

Another factor that causes the internal error of the YouTube server 500 is a bad Internet connection. If it takes too long to receive the request, this error message will appear on the site server.

At this point, you will need to restart the router to improve your Internet connection.

# Method 4: Try another browser

Youtube error 500There are many browsers on the market, for example. IE, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. In theory, YouTube must be compatible with all browsers.

However, the reality is that the internal 500 server error is more common in some browsers.

At this point, you should consider accessing YouTube to another browser. For example, if you see an error message in Windows on Windows, it is better to reopen YouTube in Internet Explorer.

This way, you can set Youtube so that the sound is not effective.

# Method 5: Return later

If you have tried the solutions described above and the internal server error of the YouTube server 500 still exists, the YouTube server may not be active for any reason.

To confirm this, you can visit other video pages in your browser. If they work well, you can wait and access your YouTube channel later.

If you visit other websites, you will also see a 500-error message. You should contact your Internet Service Provider to find out if there are any problems with the network.

# Method 6: Contact YouTube

If you see an Internal Server Error 500, you can contact YouTube support. For immediate feedback, call YouTube support at (650) 253-0000. You can also report bugs on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.


This guide describes an internal bug on the YouTube 500 server. Now you need to know what the internal server error of 500 is because it appears in the browser and how it can be corrected.

We hope that our guides and suggestions will help you. If you have other questions about the Internal Server Error 500, leave a message in this article.

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