How to Fix YouTube Playback Error Quickly & Effectively

How to Fix YouTube Playback Error Quickly & Effectively

Every YouTube user is not immune from the fact that the video that he wants to watch will not play, or even the video hosting site itself will not be downloaded. 

But do not rush to take drastic measures: reinstall the browser, change the operating system or switch to another site. 

There are many reasons for these problems, but it is important to determine your own and, having understood it, find a solution.

How to resume the normal operation of YouTube on your computer

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons, and each one is very different from the other. 

That is why the article will deal with solutions, starting with less labor-intensive ones.

Reason 1: Problems with the browser

It is browsers that most often cause problems with YouTube, more precisely, their incorrectly set parameters or internal malfunctions. 

The palm came to them immediately after YouTube abandoned the use of Adobe Flash Player and switched to HTML5. 

Prior to this, Flash Player most often became the cause of the “breakdown” of the YouTube player.

Unfortunately, each browser has its own troubleshooting guide.

If you use Internet Explorer, there may be several reasons:

  • the old version of the program;
  • lack of additional components;
  • ActiveX Filtering.

In your browser, Opera nuances. To resume the YouTube player, you will need to check out a few problems step by step:


  • whether the cache is full;
  • everything is fine with cookies;
  • whether the version of the program is outdated.

The Mozilla FireFox also has its own problems. Some are similar, and some are radically different.

But it is important to know that you do not need to install or update.

The Adobe Flash Player to view YouTube videos; this is only necessary when the video is not played on other sites.

For Yandex Browser, the instruction is very similar to Opera’s browser, but it is recommended to follow the one that is attached below.

By the way, for the browser from Google, the instruction is similar to that used for Yandex.Browser. 

This is because both browsers are developed on the same base, Chromium, and are only distributions of the original version.

Reason 2: Firewall Blocking

The firewall serves as a kind of protector in Windows. He, sensing some danger, is able to block a program, utility, website or player. 

But there are exceptions, and it blocks them by mistake. So, if you checked your browser for health and did not find changes in a positive way.

Then the second item will be temporarily disabling the firewall to check whether it is the cause or not.

On our site, you can learn how to disable the firewall in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Note: the instruction for Windows 10 is similar to that for Windows 8.

Immediately after disabling the defender, open the browser with the YouTube tab and check the player’s performance. 

If the video is played, the problem was exactly in the firewall, if not, go to the next reason.

Reason 3: Viruses in the system

Viruses are always harmful to the system, but sometimes, in addition to annoying advertisements (advertising viruses) or Windows blockers.

There are also malicious programs that restrict access to various media elements, among which is the YouTube player.

All you have to do is start the antivirus and check your personal computer for their presence. If malware is found, remove it.

If there are no viruses, and after checking the YouTube player still does not play the video, then go on.

Reason 4: Modified hosts file

A problem with the system hosts file is a common cause of a malfunctioning YouTube player.

Most often, it is damaged due to the effects of viruses on the system.

Therefore, even after their detection and deletion, videos on the hosting still do not play.

Fortunately, this problem is easy to fix, and we have detailed instructions on how to do this.

After reviewing the article located at the link above, find in the file the data that can block YouTube, and delete them.

In conclusion, you only need to save all changes and close this document. 

If the reason was in the hosts file, then the video on YouTube will play, but if not, go to the last reason.

Reason 5: Blocking YouTube provider

If all of the above solutions to the problem of playing videos on YouTube did not help you, then one thing remains – your provider, for some reason, has blocked access to the site. 

In fact, this should not happen, but there is simply no other explanation. 

Therefore, call your ISP’s technical support and ask them if is on the list of blocked or not.

How to resume the normal work of YouTube on Android devices

It also happens that problems with video playback arise on smartphones with the Android operating system. 

Such malfunctions happen, of course, extremely rarely, but it is simply impossible to get around them.

Troubleshooting through the settings of the “Application.”

In order to “repair” the YouTube program on your smartphone, you need to enter the ” Applications ” settings, select YouTube and perform some manipulations with it.

Initially enter the phone settings and, scrolling to the bottom, select the ” Applications ” item.

In these settings, you need to find ” YouTube,” however, in order for it to be displayed, you need to go to the ” All ” tab 

In this tab, scrolling down the list, find and click on ” YouTube.”

You will see the system interface of the application. To return it to work, you need to click on ” Clear cache ” and ” Erase data .”

It is recommended to do this in stages: first, click on ” Clear cache ” and check whether the video is playing in the program, and then “ Erase data ” if the previous action did not help.

Note: on other devices, the interface of the settings section may differ, since this is affected by the graphical shell installed on the device. 

In this example, Flyme was demonstrated.

After all the manipulations you have done, your YouTube app should start to play all the videos properly. 

But there are situations when this does not happen. In this case, it is recommended to delete and re-download the application.


Above were presented all the options on how to troubleshoot the work of YouTube.

The cause may be problems both in the operating system itself and directly in the browser.

If no method has helped to solve your problem, then most likely the problems are temporary.

Never forget that video hosting can be carried out technical work or be some kind of malfunction.


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