A Guide To Hosting a Virtual Party To Bring People Together During COVID-19


Virtual Party Time! Lockdown 2020 is a testing time for all of us. For some, it is the sheer temptation to venture out and act like those normal days of yesteryear; for others, their patience is in question. 

Till when do we keep our heads sane and feel normal again? Only time will tell!

A substitute for physical gathering with friends and family does not match up as times like these make it next to impossible. The only other option that appeals to the social animal within us happens to be virtual socializing and parties. There are even opportunities to watch live NBA games through virtual reality when you buy a NBA League Pass VR ticket.

Virtual gatherings help in making one’s presence felt during such trying times. If you’re missing your family and loved ones, you can find alternative ways to connect with them. Host an online party and bring in those old days of fun and glory!

What’s An Online Virtual Party?

Online parties are a virtual way of connecting with your close ones with an attempt to keep relationships and celebrations real, just like the good old days. 

These are also resourceful ways of adding meaning to earlier planned birthdays and occasional celebrations. They include online participation in the form of game nights and dinner parties. 

Virtual events enable us to focus less on the usual humdrum of celebration but specifically concentrate on the people concerned. It emphasizes celebrating in newer and thoughtful ways. 

Useful Tips And Ideas For A Fun And Successful Virtual Party

Count The Attending Guests 

It’s a tough task to get multiple conversations going on at the same time. Therefore, its best to know the strength of guests attending the party beforehand.

Larger groups are better when there is a chance that the participants are familiar with each other. If there are unfamiliar faces, introduce them to each other to break the ice and get the party started.

Create Online Party Invitations 

An invite sets the tone right for the event. Your customized invite will define the mood of the guests. An online invitation maker makes it possible to create beautiful and unforgettable invites that will leave your guests delighted!

Make your online party invitation top-notch and tempt your invitees with an invitation they can never refuse. Most importantly, the invitation should build unmatching excitement for the event.

InVideo offers customizable invitation makers that also create cute invitations such as mickey mouse invitation maker to bring back those fond childhood memories.  

Host Themed Virtual Parties

If you have time to get your creative juices flowing for the virtual session, get set go for a theme party! This can range from getting a dress theme party to a thriller mystery party, or a food character cosplay.

The idea can send out a fun factor among participants. This will also engage and introduce them to their creative levels. It will bring everyone even closer as theme parties make for a united celebration with a common school of thought.

Game Night On

Through the usage of online video calls from applications like Skype and Zoom, you can play online games with your guests to make the party exciting and memorable. 

You won’t realize the hours ticking by as your concentration lies solely on the game. You’re in it to win it. While having so much fun, you won’t know that it’s well past midnight.

Actively participate and keep the guests on their toes. What an engaging and adventurous game night it will be!

Netflix Party

If you prefer the usual Netflix and chill, it allows for a group session of unending series and thrills. You can timely sync your movie or show with your party friends.

This also includes a group chat feature to share your comments without unwanted movie interruptions. Get everyone sailing in one boat with exciting movie-themed invites.

Netflix parties make for a smart laidback choice that gets everyone together, just with the click of a button. Share the party excitement with your parents, friends, and also with your next-door friendly neighbors.

Platforms That Host Online Parties

After successfully gathering party ideas, the main task now is to figure out which online video hosting platform you would like your guests to participate in. 

While sending them the custom invite, you can include a video link under your event details. Approach all these hosting platforms with a trial and error mindset, so it suits your event requirements and ensures optimal video-audio quality.


Download the Zoom app and create an invite for up to 100 people for 40 minutes of hanging out time. Take maximum advantage of unlimited time with chats under five people. Add your Zoom link to your customized invite, so guests are ready to go up and about for the party. 


Skype is your go-to virtual party application. It is a known name and passes as a good video-audio session for a formal and informal meet and greet.

If your guests aren’t informed yet, send them a Skype invite. They will love to be connected through the classic Skype incoming caller tune. That’s addictive, no doubt!

Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts is easy breezy. You only need your Google account to hang out with about twenty-five guests. You can access your video chats on the desktop. 

You can also opt to use the application in both android and apple phones, making for handy and hassle-free usage. 


WhatsApp has surprisingly gained huge popularity, largely thanks to its convenient mobile-friendly-desktop usage. 

Since these apps are usually installed on phones, guests can skip the inconvenience of using a computer to join the party. WhatsApp is especially suitable for those who aren’t tech-savvy. 

Hosting a Virtual Party Final Thoughts

Surprisingly, in this COVID-19 situation, maintaining virtual connections with friends and family who are spread across all corners has managed to gain huge popularity. It has helped to maintain some sense of normalcy and stay connected with family and friends.

With this guide on hosting virtual parties, you are sure to celebrate the important milestones in your life without risking your health.

With the plentiful number of customizable video editing tools available online, you will be spoilt with choice. Have a look at the 5 best video editing software reviews or pick an online free video editor to create the perfect party atmosphere.

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