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How To Fix WordPress Syntax Errors [FIXED]


WordPress Syntax ErrorsThe WordPress syntax errors is common among users who add code snippets to their WordPress sites. When this error occurs, you usually see something like:

Parse error – syntax error, unexpected ‘$’end in/ public_html/wp-content/themes/child-theme/functions.php on line 38

The mistake does not have to be a headache because it says exactly where the problem lies.

In this article, we will see what they are and how to fix the Syntax errors of WordPress, but make it clear in advance that almost always the fault will be yours, then do not get angry.

What are Syntax errors?

Syntax errors  usually happen due to problems with scripts, brackets or quotes used in the code.

Either missing or included ones are not correct.

A very common mistake is to include typographical quotes instead of normal, by using a text editor instead of a code editor.

When do Syntax errors appear?

As I warned you at the beginning of the article, they are almost always because you have added some type of code on your website with some of the errors listed above.

They can also be due to a badly programmed plugin or theme, of course.

But come on, that the most common is when you copy and paste codes here or there, and for some reason, you lack something of it or badly copy some character.

Structure and types of Syntax errors

So that you learn to distinguish them and identify what causes them, here is the basic structure of the code errors that I mentioned before and how they will appear in your WordPress when they occur.

It is important that you look at the details that I highlight, to identify where the specific error is in each case.

“Syntax error: syntax error, unexpected carácter in path / to / php-file.php on line número ”

Help notes in identifying the problem

In the undefined constant errors, the so-called constant string can be a string since PHP sometimes refers to unidentified elements as constant strings.

Unexpected errors can display a list of characters instead of a single character.

The numbers refer to the line number of code in the affected file, and it will be replaced by real numbers (18, 514, 994, etc.), and sometimes it may not be those exact lines, and you have to look for the error on your own.

The file indicated in the error message is where the problem persists, and the line number gives you a clue as to where to start looking for the problem. It is usually in that line a little earlier.

The names of the character or the constant string structure of the error will give you an idea of what to look for in the indicated line number (or before).

Most common Syntax errors

There are many possible errors, and the structure will be what best tells you where the error occurred, but I would always recommend you to first look for some of this:

Make sure there is only one <?php opening and only one ?> closing per file

Look for them in the middle of the file, probably in codes copied from blogs

Search for the added code after the closing tag ?>

Look for code added before the opening tag <?php

Look for broken functions because of others.

Find additional empty lines after the closing tag ?>

Whenever you add new codes, for example to your functions.php file, add it at the end, and always before the closing tag ?>, if any.

How do I avoid Syntax errors?

The ideal is that you learn PHP because knowledge of a language is what helps you to detect errors in your code at a glance.

It is not difficult, I am of letters and little by little, with desire, in a self-taught way, I am defending myself, and I can identify many errors at a glance (and I’m also wrong, of course)

Otherwise, you can always / should check your codes before applying them to a website or convert them into a plugin. Here are some tools that can help you:

PHP Code Checker

PHP code Syntax Check

How to fix the WordPress Syntax error?

If you have taken note of the structure of the errors we have seen above, you know what to look for and where.

You only have to go to the file in which they were caused and identify the line/character/ constant that generates it and modify it.

Learn to paste snippets of code in WordPress

As a beginner with WordPress, we have a long way to go in terms of learning about WordPress development. 

Quiet there is no hurry. However, we must take our time.

If you found this error in WordPress after adding code snippets on the website, we need to learn more about code snippets pasted in WordPress, or it will cause us more damage in the future.

Set the affected code

If this error occurs after updating WordPress, a plugin or paste some code into a file. We know exactly where to look.

To solve this, you can easily edit the WordPress files via FTP or the file manager. In the cPanel, if our accommodation has this tool.

Find the affected file and correct the code, either by deleting or rewriting it correctly.

Try a different theme or plugin

If the error started when we activated a new plugin or theme, then it is likely that the error is one of these. 

So the best thing to do is find an alternative or get in touch with the developer.

In some cases, you may not be able to sign in to WordPress. If that happens, you should remove the plugin or theme through FTP.

Finally, the worst enemies of the code errors are the nerves, so if you find any error Syntax in WordPress remembers that they are easy to identify, and to solve.

A little that you follow the indications of this article you will be able to solve them in a few minutes, and in the process, you will have learned something.

You may also experience other gaming errors or Syntax errors on WordPress which you need to solve while developing a WordPress website. Check out our other WordPress error articles below


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