Top 5 Errors to Solve while Developing a WordPress Website


WordPress is a widely popular and open-source platform for conducting content management free of cost, empowering 35% of the internet in 2020. WordPress development is based on both front-end and back-end developers with appropriate plugins and themes. It is based on several programming languages such as HTML5, PHP, CSS3, and Javascript.

Over 400 million people visit WordPress sites every month, and during searching for files, themes, or plugins, WordPress faces several errors while the files are not accessible or present inside the code and often errors hinder with the app development and installation of an update. There are several WordPress errors a developer must solve for producing a worthy WordPress platform, here are a few examples which need thorough consideration.

WordPress Error #1: Database Connection Error

Every day almost 661 WordPress sites are introduced and the most common error a WordPress user face is for the database connection. The interface will show an error message of database connection establishment. It means that the database cannot be connected with the SQL Server. This WordPress error also crops up if the database is corrupted or the internet service is down. The easiest way to counteract this error is to recheck the login credentials for SQL Server that has access to the subsequent WordPress. After ensuring that the credentials are correct, the configuration file can be edited and the codes can be analyzed. The configuration file helps in checking the login credentials and ensuring that they are valid.

For the exact steps to fix WordPress Localhost Error Establishing A Database Connection here.

WordPress Error #2: Error 503 Service Unavailable

Majority of the WordPress development company offers more than 3,500 licensed themes with more than 50,000 plugins. During WordPress access, a user may face this error in case the host server is unable to find the root cause of any inaccuracy. The PHP script fails to generate any response from the web server.
There are WordPress Tips and Tricks to fix this error. One of the most prominent ways to fix this error is by establishing permalinks settings for WordPress users. The developer can fix the PHP by deactivating some of the unwanted scripts of PHP or increasing the time limit for PHP.

WordPress Error #3: Connection Timeout

WordPress development can be hindered by overburdening of the shared servers as over 21.2 billion pages are accessed by 409 million people every year.
This kind of error is the result of various themes and plugins related issues, such as exhausted limit for PHP, improper theme applications, and connection error due to heavy usage of plugins. Usually, this problem arises when there is a subsequent lack of memory for WordPress to operate.

The first and foremost thing a developer should keep in mind to increase the PHP limit and time, to eradicate most of the common WordPress errors including this one. It will support heavy plugins after reinstallation.

WordPress themes must be scrutinized to detect errors and corrected immediately. After improving the memory limit, developers should deactivate all the plugins and switch to a default theme to ensure the error is fully resolved from the backend.

WordPress Error #4: White Screen Error

Sometimes an error might get cropped up without a message and making the screen turn entirely blank. This white screen of death is the topmost dreaded error faced by developers of the WordPress community.

This issue arises due to improper debugging, plugin disability or improper application of themes. The most common themes are Kubrick and WordPress classic, dated back to 2005.

One of the most credible ways to avoid this issue is to enable debugging under production environments. The WordPress community has 317 versions and this environment can give easy access to hackers. However, debugging resolves this issue by showing the correct error message. The themes should be reset to default and after the dashboard normalizes, WordPress enables the user to change themes accordingly. Additionally, developers can disable all the plugins for a short period and increase the memory limit for WordPress servers.

WordPress Error #5: 404 Page Error

The error message for 404 appears in a specific page while all other pages run smoothly with WordPress.

This error happens when there is a need to manually update the revised codes and rules for WordPress, or the permalinks settings get auto-disabled. As the most used 30 plugins are incorporated in more than 1 million websites, this error increases rapidly.

Most of the time, this error goes away by reaching out to the save changes button on the settings page of the permalink. The dashboard for the WordPress admin must be revised for incorporating new changes made while rewriting the codes. FTP files can be modified by the server login or a developer can create a temporary coding file. The permissions should be denied and changed within while the permalinks settings are updated. Please watch the video below on how to fix WordPress Posts returning 404 Error.


In conclusion, there are some drawbacks and WordPress errors associated with WordPress. However, it is one of the most powerful setups for the creation of websites making it to produce 118 billion words in the year of 2016. You may also experience other gaming errors or Syntax errors on WordPress which you need to solve while developing a WordPress website. Check out our other WordPress error articles below

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