iGaming Errors While Creating WordPress Site


Many users reported getting igaming errors. We put together a guide on how to build an affiliate gaming site using WordPress, the correct way.

Why Build a Gaming Affiliate Website?

Why create a site to begin with? Lots of businesses are using casino affiliate websites(example of a website) as a way to attract more visitors, promote their brand, and make a name for themselves.  While iGaming also covers poker and sports betting, the biggest share of the market is accounted for by online casinos. Among the less obvious advantages are the option to keep track of and record returns as well as easy payment methods.  

How Much can These Sites Make?

You can make up to half a million per month (!) if you rank for the best keywords in Google. Of course, this is the absolute maximum, and you need more than one site for this. With other ventures and ongoing revenue share, you can make a living this way. 

How to Become an Affiliate

The first step is to look for casino affiliate programs. The casino should be doing well. If it’s not, the affiliate marketer won’t get a decent commission.

You need to do research to see if the casino is doing well. Checking the casino’s projected profits is a good way to find this information. How has it been doing over the past few years? It will probably keep doing well if it has been going strong for a while.

Credibility is also a good metric, based on which one can assess the condition of an online casino. Go to message boards and online discussion forums to make sure the offering is legitimate. 

Get Hosting 

The first thing to look for is a host that accepts gambling niche websites. The site should be reliable with little or no downtime and offer high speed. It needs up to date support and security features for the latest PHP versions. To ensure scalability, look for decent upgrade options with VPS management. You need easy management options for your WordPress platform and responsive, high-quality support. 

Get a Domain 

Domain names without a history, like new domains, are best avoided because they take much longer to rank in Google. To get a good start, you will need a domain name that has never been dropped and is at least 2 years old. You could try the GoDaddy Auction site to find a decent place to buy an aged domain name. After you open the site, type “casino” in the search box. You will see a list of domains after a few seconds. 

They update this list every day, so there is no need to rush. Don’t purchase the first domain that comes up. Also check the history of the domain and the backlinks and brand your site.

Choose a WordPress Theme

In this section, we’ll suggest a few good WordPress casino themes. They are all premium – there isn’t much in the way of free offerings in this segment. 

We’ll start with Poker Dice, which is quite mobile and tablet friendly. The theme boasts a sleek appearance that is appealing on screens of different sizes. On the downside, it is not fully responsive, but it’s the best option for a user with a brand that wants to retain their font and color. It is simple to adjust fonts and customize from unlimited colors to match your current preferences.

Slot Machines 

This intuitive, responsive theme offers a lot even for a premium one. One advantage is support 24/7. You don’t need to send emails and wait for a reply or struggle with getting through during business hours. Send your concern through chat, email, or phone for an instant resolution. 

They offer stock photos and guarantee satisfaction. This is a big plus as lots of casino sites have problems finding stock photos that are unique. You can replace them and they are a good option when first setting up the site. 


This premium theme features a large, spacious layout and lots of bright lights. It provides some widget and post options as well. With Mercury, you can post online media conveniently, including videos, and it looks great. You’ll have quick-loading pages, excellent media, and visually appealing layouts no matter what size the theme is on.


Our final choice is one of the best themes for iGaming sites, but also bloggers, commercial suppliers, and marketplaces. 

Install Plugins

To install plugins, go to the plugin page from the WordPress Plugin Directory website. To transfer them to your computer, click the red download button and unzip the plugin files. All of the plugins you’ll download from the directory will be zipped files. Windows, Mac, and most other operating systems have built-in tools to open these files. 

Once you open a file, extract the directory within it and place the directory where it is easy to access on your computer. Use FTP to connect to your site’s server. Get in touch with your hosting provider if you have any difficulty connecting to your server. Ask for help to connect via FTP to your server.

Within the WordPress installation for your blog or site, navigate to the WP-content folder. The location of the WP installation can vary depending on provider. Before you proceed, establish the location. 

Inside the WP-content are the themes directories, plugins, and a few other things. The last step is to upload the plugin folder to the WP plugins directory/ content on your web server.

Write Yourself vs. Hire Content Writers

When it comes to content, your options seem simple at first: either write yourself or hire writers. Content mills like Text Brokers offer cheap content, but there’s a risk of it being of low quality.  

Build Quality – Find Your Niche

You can find more loyal and better-converting users within a niche market. There’s always a niche to find within as lucrative an industry as iGaming. Generic topics are more competitive. 

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