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How To Fix Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed Problem [Solved]


error 503The 503 backend fetch error is familiar to people who constantly use their computers to access the Internet.

In this case, it is important to bear in mind that such annoyance can manifest itself absolutely in any operating system and in any device that allows such operations.

That is, it can be a laptop in Linux, a stationary computer with Windows, a mobile phone or a tablet with a different system.

Naturally, to understand how to repair error 503, the recovery of backend failure, it is necessary to understand initially the root causes that contribute to the manifestation of such a situation.

What error and why it matters

Unfortunately, but the translation of the 503 backend fetch error does not simplify at all the search for the best solution to the problem since even an online translator can not completely process this phrase.

However, specialists and ordinary users have already identified the main reasons for the occurrence of such a situation and why it manifests itself.

An error with this code is associated with access to a remote server, which, apparently, processes the request, but, for whatever reason, can not respond.

Causes of Error 503 backend fetch failed

Most of the time this is due to the following nuances:

  • When trying to run an online application, failures occur in the short term.
  • The server does not have enough memory to process the incoming information.
  • The number of simultaneous requests is too high, and they are not corny when pulling the power of the remote server.
  • The owner of the site decided to take care of the maintenance of his Internet resource.
  • The SSL certificate has expired.

That is, in fact, this situation always manifests itself due to any factor directly related to the functional status of the remote resource, which the user wishes to enter.

The page has fallen

The error 503 is a common error in pages that are dedicated to the sale of products, especially when they launch an appealing offer.

The error appears when the server you are trying to access can not show you the information you are requesting.

That is, the web has fallen, either because many customers try to access at the same time or because they have a bad hosting.

What should the user do when error code 503 appears in the browser?

The most common cause of this server behavior and the appearance of an error with code 503 are temporary problems. 

After a while the server will release the necessary amount of resources and be able to process the request.

That is why it is recommended not to go to the site for three minutes in order not to create another queue consisting of calls to the hosting computer, which can only aggravate the situation.

As the owner of the web

Let’s put examples of error 503 by which your website can suffer:

You have to be aware of your website, always, well in case it will suffer a momentary fall due to a predictable event or another unexpected situation.

A predictable moment is the dates indicated in which you will sell more. Christmas? Valentine’s Day? Anniversaries ?

Keep in mind what you offer and above all, when you will sell more.

It is also possible that your website has higher traffic for a given situation suddenly. Your content has gone viral, and you did not expect it.

They want to know more about you. Many people will want to see what you offer and will try to access at the same time and ops! Your website has fallen from so many visits.

Your content has not gone viral, and neither do you expect an unusual movement on the web, but it does not respond. And you do not know why. It is likely that your website has suffered an attack.

Your project has grown, you do not have a few readers/clients.

Your users have increased. !! Congratulations!! Your website no longer supports so much information request, and your hosting has run out of resources.

How to solve an error 503 backend fetch failed

When you are a reader/client of the web you are trying to access, you must refresh or update the page, and the F5 button will help you.

How we have told you often happens when you are trying to buy something, and many people are doing it at the same time.

In this case, you have to arm yourself with patience because the web will take time to show you the content and the error will not be solved so quickly.

It is best to wait a few minutes to try it and not immediately after the error.

More difficult is when you are the owner of the web. We have told you different situations, and you should know what the possible error is.

The solution is to talk to the hosting provider you have hired that will help you throughout the process.

Our recommendation: be predictable with high peaks of visits and do not have hired a free hosting that will only give you problems of this type continuously.

If the number of visits to your website is increasing considerably, you should consider increasing the resources of your contracted plan.

Your users will not complain about not being able to access the content. And you will be happy.

You must, therefore, fully trust your provider and know that it will solve the problem as quickly as possible.

However, you can try something:

  1. Update the problem page with the “F5” button or re-enter the URL address. There may be a temporary failure.
  2. Return to try to access after a while. It is possible that in a few minutes or hours at the other end of the connection the problem will be eliminated.
  3. Try to access these websites at a time when the minimum number of conversions of other users is carried out.
  4. Restart the computer and the device responsible for accessing the network.
  5. Find the contact information of the problematic server or Internet resource and write them about the situation that is presented, so that the technical repair service is aware of these problems.
  6. Temporarily use free DNS servers, information that can be easily found in the Internet search.


Naturally, this method does not guarantee a 100% positive result. However, sometimes, it can become an effective solution to the problem that has arisen.

As an alternative method, you can try to find the information required by the person in other resources of the network if the problem in the desired site, for a long period of time, does not disappear.

We hope you have understood why you got an error 503 on the website. As you can see, it can be for different reasons, but mainly due to an overload of users trying to access at the same time.

Update the page or talk with your hosting provider is the solutions to this common problem, after the error 404, we already tell you in another publication of our blog.

We hope that this article has helped you learn how to fix 503 backend fetch failed errors in WordPress. You can also see our other list of common code errors and how to fix them.

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