How to fix Javascript error uncaught exception?


Javascript error uncaught is one of the most common Javascript errors. Since you have also detected the uncaught exception error, so instead of just fixing it and deploying your web app, you must understand why this error occurred in your application.

Javascript is a lightweight programming language especially designed for web applications. Besides this, it is a client-side language so even if any error is caused, the developers might not find it once the web application is deployed. Before deploying, developers usually perform a couple of dry runs of their web apps, and in these tests, common javascript errors are detected.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the uncaught type error, the Javascript error uncaught exception: cannot file module error followed by appropriate measures to fix it.

What is an “uncaught type error”?

An “uncaught type error” is a representation stating that the specified operation cannot be performed. In general, it means that the value passed is not of the expected type.

Besides this, Typeerrors are also thrown because of the following reasons:

  • When an attempt is made to change a value that can’t be changed.
  • When a value is being used inappropriately.

Since you have detected the javascript error uncaught exception: cannot file module, let’s have a look at it.

What is “javascript error uncaught exception: cannot file module error”?

“Cannot file module” error occurs when you are trying to refer a file or a package that is not available in your project’s repository. Or when you are trying to run a wrong file.

Whenever you detect this error, first you need to check for the particular module in your current directory. You can use the following commands:


To check your current directory:


In Linux


In Windows

echo %c%


To check the content of your current directory:


In Linux


In Windows



Both these commands will locate all the files and packages available in your current directory. Once you have a clear picture of your current directory and it’s contents, you can change the directories if required. You can use cd command in terminal to navigate between different directories.


How to fix “javascript error uncaught exception cannot find module”?

There isn’t any specific command that can fix this “uncaught exception”, you have to make sure that you are in the correct directory and running the correct files. Besides this, in all the files you need to check whether you are referring to any external package or not. If you are referring one, then you must make sure that the package is installed on your device and placed in the appropriate repository.

Besides this, you can check for the followings just to make sure you won’t run into the same error again:

  • All the packages are properly referred and have correct names.
  • The file names are correct or not.
  • Versions of installed packages and referred packages are the same or not.
  • Each file and folder name are case sensitive so whether you have used lower case letters or upper case letters.



You won’t face such errors if you will be a little more careful while assigning names to the directories and files. Besides this, it is recommended to always double-check whether the names you have assigned and the names you are using are the same or not. As mentioned above, there isn’t any command that will solve this uncaught exception in seconds. You need to take care of minor details and you will never face such errors.

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