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[CHROME AND ANDROID FIX] your connection is not private net::err_cert_authority_invalid


Errors can be really frustrating especially if they pop up while working on an important task. Everyone uses a web browser multiple times in a day. Although web browsers don’t generate errors very often but whenever an error occurs, it becomes quite irritating to get rid of it. In some cases, we even have to consult a tech guy for help.

“Your connection is not private net::err_cert_authority_invalid” is a very common error that occurs in Google chrome. In this guide, you’ll learn what does this error means and how you can fix it on both Windows and Android devices. You can use the same techniques on Chrome and your Android Device.


What does this means “net::err_cert_authority_invalid”?

These days most websites use an SSL certificate and runs of HTTPS, and whenever the user wants to visit an HTTPS website, a request is sent to the servers and then the browser validates the certificate received from the server.

If the browser finds it difficult to validate the SSL certificate, then the browser will avoid opening that website and for that, it will show you this error “ net:: Err_cert_authority_invalid”.

Through this error, the browser is trying to prevent the user’s privacy. It is because the browser thinks that the website is not safe to visit. Thus, instead of loading the site, the browser will show a message i.e “Your connection is not private”.


How do I fix net::err_cert_authority_invalid?

So far, you have understood the meaning of the error, now it’s time to fix this error. There are a couple of methods through which you can fix it and each of the methods works a category of users. So it is very difficult for us to stick to a single method and that’s why we have listed all the working methods.

We have outlined 6 methods to help you fix the Your connection is not private net::err_cert_authority_invalid on Chrome.

  1. Fix1 net::err_cert_authority_invalid:Reloading Website
  2. Fix2 net::err_cert_authority_invalid: Restarting your computer
  3. Fix3 net::err_cert_authority_invalid: Open in Incognito Mode
  4. Fix4: net::err_cert_authority_invalid: Updating web browser
  5. Fix5: net::err_cert_authority_invalid: Disabling VPN and Antivirus
  6. Fix6: net::err_cert_authority_invalid: Clear Cookies and Cache

You can also watch this video to help you too. How do I fix your connection is not private on Android?

If you are getting this error in Android, you can try any of these methods on your android device too.



Being a user, you can randomly try these methods and you can check which one works for you.

Method 1# Try reloading the website

It might annoy you but reloading the webpage could really help you get rid of this error. Sometimes there could be a problem with the communication between browser and server and resetting the communication can actually help you get rid of the error.


Method 2# Restart your computer

Another quick fix that could help you eliminate the error is to restart your computer. Several users have tried it and found that it is working pretty well for them.


Method 3# Open in an incognito window

It is recommended to try incognito mode to visit the website. Sometime there could be a problem with your cache and incognito mode will eliminate the cache problem. Incognito mode is an alternative to clear cache and cookies.


Method 4# Update your web browser

There could be some bugs with your current version of your web browser, you can try updating your web browser.


Method 5# Disable VPN and Antiviruses

In a few cases, antiviruses and VPN can cause such error and it is noticed that disabling these tools actually works. You can also try disabling your VPN and Antivirus for a while and can check whether the error is disappeared or not. Besides this, it is recommended to pick VPNs and Antivirus carefully, any random selection can harm your system.


Method 6# Clear Cache and Cookies

If incognito mode didn’t work for you, you can try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. This will remove all your previous history with the website and when you’ll visit the website, a fresh connection will be established.

Follow the steps to clear your browser’s cache and cookies:

  • Click on the vertical dots available on the top right corner of the chrome window.
  • A list of options will appear.
  • Select “more tools” options
  • Another sub-list will appear.
  • Select “Clear browsing data option.

Remove Cache Google Chrome 1 Remove Cache Google Chrome 2

A new dialogue will appear and you can make the desired selection and once done, click on clear and all your cache and cookies will be cleared as per the selections made.

Clearing your Cache and Cookies is a great way to save you from getting many errors such as:

If you are getting this error in Android and you are confused about “How do I fix your connection is not private on Android?”, then let me tell you that all the methods mentioned above are applicable on android devices also. You can try any of the methods on your computer as well on your android phone.

Final Notes

Even after trying the method, the ‘Your connection is not private net::err_cert_authority_invalid’ error persists then you can manually proceed if you have to visit the website urgently whereas if time allows you then you can try visiting the website from some other web browser. Apart from this, if you are still getting the error then you must contact the website owners because the problem might be from the server end.

If your system’s time clock isn’t accurate then you can try fixing it, in a few cases, the system clock was creating a problem because the time between device and server was not synced. On the other hand, if you are getting this error on public wifi and try connecting your device with your personal wifi and then visit the website again. It is not recommended to use public wifis, they are prone to attacks and malware injections.

Besides this, if you already have a solution which isn’t listed above then you can let us know. You feedback might help some of our readers.


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