How to fix common issues with iOS 13?


Every update of iOS comes with its enhancements and bugs. Apple users are getting bugged with a lot of issues as they update from iOS 12 or older versions to iOS 13.

Common problems include battery drain, Wi-Fi issues, Bluetooth problems, connectivity issues, UI lags, and frequent crashes. Some of these problems can be solved only with a software upgrade that comes from Apple. A few can be fixed if you take your iPhone to an Apple store, while several of these issues can be fixed within minutes.

Today, we are sharing some of the common issues with iOS 13 and how to fix them.

Installation Issues

If you face installation issues with iOS 13, then the first thing that you can do it go for a hard reset. The procedure to reset your phone depends on the model. In the older ones, you could have reset your phone by pressing the home and power button at the same time, while for the newer models like iPhone X, you need to press the volume up, then volume down, and then the side button until your device restarts.


Applications not working

Sometimes you might find common apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram randomly shutting down or crashing out of nowhere. This can be a major concern for individuals as well as business owners who use online platforms for ecommerce. In such cases you need to update the applications and also check the amount of RAM each application is consuming. It might happen that the processor cannot accommodate multiple bulky applications simultaneously.


Bluetooth Problems

In case you cannot connect your iPhone with the peripheral devices using Bluetooth, then there is what you should try

Forget the device

  • Go to settings
  • Select ‘Bluetooth’
  • Select the device using the ‘i’ symbol
  • Select the option to forget the device
  • Now exit settings and try to connect

Reset network settings

  • Go to settings
  • Select General –> Reset –> Reset Network Settings

But, this step would forget all devices and Wi-Fi connections, so do not forget your passwords.


Face ID not working

Apple Face ID is a unique facial recognition feature to unlock your device or authenticate transactions. What can you do if the Face ID does not work or refuses to unlock it for you? Few things that you can try out are –

  • Update the iOS of your device with the latest available version
  • Make sure that your camera lens is clear and has no obstructions (scratches or marks)
  • Ensure that your face is visible, without any sunglass or face-covering masks

If none of the above works, then you go to settings and set up a new profile altogether.



Battery Life issues

If you feel that the battery is draining out faster than it should do, here are some hacks for you.

  • Restart and reboot the device
  • Update the iOS to the latest version
  • Check the apps that are consuming more battery life and uninstall the ones you do not need

If none of these seem to work to fix the common issues with iOS 13, then, unfortunately, you might need to replace the battery. In such an event, we advise you to visit an Apple store for expert guidance. If you are also a MacBook user, read more about common Macbook issues and how to fix them here.


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