Common MacBook Issues and their Fixes


Apple’s MacBook has always been one of the premium laptops available on the market. But there are common Macbook issues that occur as it has high-quality hardware and gets regular software updates. The macOS is known for its good performance and its immunity to most computer viruses. And no one likes when they face issues during work when using a premium device, which they paid a hefty sum for.

Here, we look at 5 common MacBook problems and the fixes for these problems.

  1. Macbook doesnt power on
  2. Macbook shuts down when power is on
  3. Display question mark when turned on
  4. Faint LCD Display

How do I fix a Mac software problem?

MacBook doesn’t power on

Although MacBook offers a premium experience just like the uninterrupted and secure environment of a live casino India, sometimes the MacBook suddenly goes dead and wouldn’t turn on when you try pushing the power button. If your MacBook makes a beeping sound, this can be a RAM issue. In such a scenario, you should first check that your RAM is properly fitted in the slots. You can take out the RAM and clean it and then install it back. In the case of 2 RAMs, you can switch up the RAMs and try one at a time. This would generally solve the common macbook issue. Another reason can be a faulty motherboard. This would happen when the power light wouldn’t even turn on. This would require you to contact an expert to replace your Motherboard.

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Shuts down when Power cord disconnects

Battery problems are common with MacBook. Sometimes when you disconnect the power adapter from the MacBook, it starts to behave erratically and then it switches off. This may happen even if your laptop was showing battery status as charged. The most common and probable reason is a dead battery. In this case, your laptop works when on the direct power supply but would switch off when on battery. The battery port may also be faulty. This would require you to get your battery and battery slot checked and replaced if needed.


Question mark when turned on

When you boot your MacBook, it may show a question mark on the bootable screen and the MacOS may not load. This would generally happen because your OS may have gone corrupt or your RAM or Hard drive would have gone corrupt. The most common solution is to first check if your RAM and Hard Drive are fitted properly. Even if they are you can try connecting them to other devices to check if they are working fine. If these seem fine, then your problem is probably a software issue. You can boot your system using Apple’s Disk utility and initiate a repair. This will reinstall your operating system and solve the issue.

Faint LCD display

Another common issue is a very faint LCD display when you are unable to see the graphics on the screen clearly. This generally means there is an issue either with the inverter or the inverter cables. You would need to open up the screen and then replace the inverter to fix the issue. If the screen is flickering, the issue may be simpler and may be fixed by just removing and reinstalling the connector cables for the LCD.


Common MacBook problems and how to fix them


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