5 Best iPhone Monitoring Solution Without Jailbreak



There are many parents all over the world who want to keep an eye on their kids. If you are one then we know the struggle. We all need apps that could help us when it comes to no jailbreaking and monitoring cell phones without any trouble.

These reasons can vary from one another but we all need them at least once in our life. In case you are also one and looking for a trusted application then this article is just for you, have a look at it and learn about all the best possible options that you can rely on.

Below are the 5 best iPhone monitoring solution that you can rely on without jailbreak:

1. Spyic

One of the main and foremost apps for iPhone monitoring solutions without jailbreak is Spyic. This is one of the best one can try out. You will not find anything else better than this tool, as it is really reliable and useful at the same time. In case you think that this app is fake then no worries because it is 100% authentic. As it is user-friendly so it works perfectly fine with iOS as well as for Android. For iOS only iCloud account details are required. If you need it for Android then install the app in the spied device.

You can easily spy on iPhone with Spyic and do all your monitoring work. After the process of installation completes you will notice that the icon is removed from the screen and the app starts working in the background. It is really small in size and doesn’t even drain the battery, so you are safe from being exposed.

Spyic works in stealth-mode so your safety remains intact. With the help of its keylogger you can keep a record of every single tap without any trouble. When we say every tap then it also includes passwords of social media accounts. You can read text messages, see pictures, videos, check out call logs, see numbers and contact names, browsing history, current as well as previous location of the spied device without bothering yourself much.

Spyic has an amazing web-based interface that allows you to use this app by using any browser. If you visit the official webpage of Spyic, you will see numerous subscription plans, so go for the one that suits you the best. Though if you still need to test this app then just go for the free subscription that is available for a month. Till the time period ends, you would be able to find out everything about the app and make your decision whether to go for it or not. Just go for Spyic online today to learn much more. 

2. Minspy

Another iPhone monitoring app that works remotely and you don’t even have to jailbreak is Minspy. This is a trusted app that works dynamically and has the features that speak for itself. You will never find anything better than this app when it comes to price and safety. Everything is really simple with Minspy as you have to execute a few commands and the rest of the work is on Minspy to deal with.

This is a 100% real application that helps people in monitoring devices whether they are iOS or Android. For iOS you have to gain access to the iCloud account details only, if it is for Android then just install the app in the device in the start and leave all the work on it. You wouldn’t regret even for a second when it comes to using Minspy.

Anyone can make the most out of this app as it is really simple in usage. You don’t have to follow tough commands to use this app as it is one of the easiest one available for you to go for. Just a few taps and leave the rest of the work for the app to deal with all the spying work.

3. Spyier

This app for iPhone monitoring is another great choice if you need to go for something safe and trustworthy. This app has all the great features that you need in an app. All those people who find it tough to follow technical commands would find this tool real fun because this is really easy to use. You can utilize it without any issue because there are a few clicks that you need to make for the sake of setting up this app and using it.

This is 100% safe and real. As you need it for an iPhone then you should also gain access to the iCloud account details of the device. After you add all the details, you will see that within a couple of minutes it will start working and sends you a report of the spied phone. There is no need to jailbreak or root the device. Spyier works in stealth-mode and makes your privacy intact in every condition.


It has a really good web-based interface that allows you to use this app with the help of any other browser. With geo-fence you can track the device on a map where you are supposed to mark a few spots. Whenever the device crosses those spots, you will receive an alert. By using this app you can keep track of each and every tap without any issue. This is one of the best options one could go for.

4. Cocospy

Another iPhone monitoring solution that works good without jailbreak is Cocospy. This is a really old app that has great features and liked by millions of users all over the world because of its simplicity and privacy. This user-friendly application works fine with both devices, whether they are an iOS or an Android.

For the former you have to gain access to the iCloud account details, but for the latter you are supposed to install the app in the spied phone for once. After the course of installation ends you will see that the app works in the background and the icon is removed from the screen, so in other words we can say that everything is safe.

5. Spyine

This is the last one in our list of iPhone monitoring devices. This app is like most of the above apps and is really good when it comes to features. If you are really tight on budget and need to save something then this is the app you should go for.

It also offers a one month free subscription so you are supposed to visit the official website and learn about the basics of this tool. Enjoy one month free subscription and make your decision wisely whether this is your app for spying purposes or not.



All the above apps for iphone monitoring are the best available options for you to go for. We hope that you would really find them good and would like to try them. Just go for any of the above tools by visiting their official sites so you would be able to learn about the device in a better way. Pick the one that comes up to the needs and requirements of your spying and let us know how your experience is. Just go for it and don’t waste more of your time in search of the perfect tool.


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