Things to Do Before Selling Your Old Mobile Phone


Do you have any idea what to do or which important tasks to perform before selling your old mobile phone! If not, then here is a guide for you. These are the needed mobile phone precautions that you have to carry out before you hand over your phone to a total stranger.

Furthermore, before you plan to get a shiny new and high-tech phone for yourself, make sure that you recycle mobile phone of yours according to the below-mentioned ways. Check out these important steps now. And carefully implement them during your old phone selling process. We hope that this guide will exclusively and tremendously guide in a clear-cut and elaborated manner.

Back up Your Old Mobile Phone

Before selling it, you can process a complete back up of your old phone. In this way, you can retrieve and be able to transfer your music, photos, or personal documents. Moreover, anything that is already stored in your mobile phone, it needs to pass through this process of back up. In addition, what you can do is to back up your data and files to a memory card. You can even store them online. Besides, you can back them up using the cloud.

Keep in mind that the method and overall process of backing up files completely to the cloud, it varies from one mobile phone to another. This happens because of varied and different manufacturers, they come up with different cloud solutions. You can get in touch with the customer service team of your phone and ask about the backing up process. Or you can do a little research on your own.

Remove And Take Out Your SIM Card And Also Memory Card

Secondly, you need to remove your old mobile phone SIM card and memory card before you sell it to another person. As soon as you have backed up every important stuff and data, then the next step is about removing the SIM card and any of the internal storage cards like that of SD card. You should know that some of the contacts and important data eventually end up being stored and collected on your SIM card. That is why it is important to remove these cards from your mobile phone before selling.

No matter, you have disconnected your mobile phone service, still, you have to take out this sim card from your phone. By doing this step, your phone security will be assured and guaranteed. In addition, this process should be followed if you are donating your phone or recycling it for some other purpose.

Perform And Carry Out A Factory Reset

Lastly, it is expected from the person to carry out a factory reset before selling or giving his phone to a stranger. Once you have received this confirmation that your data content is backed up and also saved. Then the next step is to wipe and remove your phone data by carrying out and processing a factory reset. Moreover, it is always recommended and advised that you should encrypt your phone.

And then you can go for the factory reset option. This method of factory reset, it varies and differs according to your phone operating system. To get more of the extensive information on recycling my mobile phones, you can keep tuned with us. We are going to suggest more of the ways as to how productively and thoughtfully you can recycle your old phone.

Even more, when a person gets this assurance that he has safeguarded and secured his personal info, then what he can do is to consider donating and giving away his old mobile phone to charity. Through this gesture, it can help out any soldier to make a call to his home. Besides, this donation may help out the victims linked to domestic violence. You can fund them by making these kinds of charities. You can donate old phones or your old tablets to any of the underserved high school students. This is a cool charity option that you can go for.


Now, you know what things to perform before selling your old phone! We also give you this piece of advice that instead of recycling old mobile phones of yours and also pocketing the cash, you can donate it to an organization. What other information you want to have in this area, you can freely let us know. We will share more extensive information on selling old phones, recycling and reusing old mobile phones on this page so stay tuned with us.

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