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If you have a podcast or looking at starting a podcast, then investing in an external iPhone microphone is a great idea. Did you know that sound quality is a critical component of engaging your audience?

As much as the audio of an iPhone is good, if you’re running podcasts, recording interviews, YouTube videos or just recording audio, clear and high quality sound is Don’t you want your audience to remember you for all the right reasons?

As a podcast lover and listener, a major turn off is fuzzy audio and my instant reaction is to click on the ‘NEXT’ button…. Definitely not what you want your audience to be doing even if you are giving them quality content! Here are some benefits of having an iPhone podcast microphone:

  • Convenience: All you need is the mic and your iPhone
  • Portable: You can take it anywhere you want
  • Easy: Simple set, just record and go.
  • Instant Sharing: Being connected to your iPhone connects to the internet for access.

So just for a little cashola, you can really make an awesome impression on your audience. So where do we start? There are many different types, quality, prices, and models of podcast microphones out there, so I have done some extensive research on the best podcast microphones for iPhones for you. If you want to skip straight to the verdict, you can check out our recommendations below:

    • Best for interviews
    • Best for Youtubing or vlogging (for those of you who like to add video content 😉
    • Best for Travelling
    • Best value for money
    • Best for General use


Best for interviewsRode IXY-L
images for best podcast microphone for iphone
Best for TravellingRode VideoMic Me L

Rode VideoMic Me L

Best for Youtubing or VloggingShure MV88

Shure MV88

Best Value for MoneyAputure Lavalier Microphone


Best for General useRode SmartLav+

But before we go through those mics in detail, we will discuss the types of podcast microphones that are available on the market.

Types of Podcast Microphones for iPhones

There are 3 different types of Podcast mics for iPhones depending on your iPhone model and what you are looking for:

  1. Lightning Connector
  2. Headphone Jack
  3. Lavalier

We are going to focus on the best iPhone mics that use the lightning port as that is what Apple has used for the most recent iPhone and are likely to continue using, but you’ll also find a few that use the headphone jack. The Lightning podcast microphones connects directly into the lightning port. You can use these for interviews, podcasting and even vLogging through YouTube as its can stream using your iPhone Camera.

Lightning iPhone Jack vs Headphone jack


Lightning Port vs Headphone Jack

Below is a table of the iPhones that are compatible with the lightning and headphone jack.

LightningLavelierHeadphone Jack
iPhoneiPhone 5 series and above 

iPhone 5 and above will need a lightning adapter



IPhone 4 and below


IPadiPad 4th Generation and above

iPad Air (all generations)

iPad Mini (all generations)


(lightning iPads will need an adapter)

iPad 3rd Generation

Now that we have gone through and identified the types of Podcast Microphones that are compatible with your iPhone. Here are some things to consider when purchasing a podcast microphone for iPhone.

  • Will you need to travel with the podcast microphone?
  • Do you need multiple people? Will you be interviewing?
  • Do you need video compatibility?
  • Where will you be recording?


Let’s go through the right iPhone podcast microphone for you:

Best iPhone Podcast Microphone for Interviews

Rode IXY-L

images for best podcast microphone for iphone


  • Additional audio jack to monitor your audio in real time
  • Exceptional noise cancelling with additional dead cat feature


  • Limited to iOS use only
  • Fixed with XY design cannot move the microphone like other designs such as the Zoom iQ6.


Transform your iPhone or iPad into powerful portable recorder. This unique microphone records and exports in uncompressed formats including aiff and wave 224 bits/96kHz. This model is the upgrade to the Rode IXY as this makes it compatible with iOS lightning connector devices. Sharing your recordings cannot be easier with the Rode IXY-L as you can directly share it to Soundcloud, Dropbox, iTunes or email. The RODE recorder app allows for adjust presents and makes recording incredibly easy.

The goal of this design is to capture all the noise in front of you making it perfect for podcasts and interviews. You can even use this with 2 hosts! Ensure that you place the microphone closer to the two of you so that you capture the best quality audio for your audience.

Best for Travelling Podcast Mic for iPhones

Rode VideoMic Me L

images for best podcast microphone for iphone


  • Great Noise Blocker
  • Good for outdoors


  • Not compatible with Android and Windows phones.
  • Large Windscreen design

This incredible is noise blocker is small and portable. It effortlessly plugs into your iPhone via the Lightning port and doesn’t require a battery. You can also purchase the Rode VideoMic Me Compact TRRS as it is the same quality but it just has a different port.

If you’re someone who loves the outdoor adventures like hiking and camping, the aluminium body makes it durable and great for taking on adventures like camping and traveling. It also comes with a fuzzy windscreen to keep the recorded audio as crystal clear as possible. The windscreens seems a little excessive however if you’re looking for quality, durability and ease, this mic is great to get your audio for podcasts and more.

This is an updated version of the Rode VideoMic Me that provides quality sound at a directional cardioid pattern, and a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range. You can find that version in the 3.5mm headphone jack section farther down the page. Like the other version of the Rode VideoMic Me, this one also comes with a 3.5mm jack so you can plug headphones in to monitor your audio in real time.

Best iPhone Podcast Microphone for Youtubing or Vlogging

Shure MV88

images for Best Podcast Microphone for iPhones


  • Captures the best range of audio especially during live events
  • Easy to use, Recommended for the pro user
  • Versatile


  • If you have a bulky case, you may have difficulty using this mic without removing it
  • Uses the battery for charging. No external charging method
  • Pricey and not recommended for the casual user

The Shure MV88 Podcast Microphone for iPhones is a powerhouse of a microphone for your iPhone, it is an excellent shot gun mic with cardioid and bi-directional cartridges for a clear stereo image. Basically what that means is that it captures sound from 2 different directions as opposed to one. So this is great when you are doing interviews and recording music or YouTube videos to gain more Youtube followers.

The Lightning compatible, digitises your recordings in high-performing 24-bit/48kHz audio quality. The 90-degree hinge on the mount allows you to record from the front camera of your phone as well as the back. The easy rotation give you flexibility to pick up your sound more optimally.

The ShurePlus Motiv app used with the mic is extremely well-designed. It has five integrated DSP modes for different use cases, including speech, acoustic, singing, loud and flat.

It’s just a shame there’s no way to power the microphone except through the use of your phone battery. Unfortunately this may drain your phone battery and if you have an older version iPhone, or lack of storage, this could drain your battery faster….

This is one that has to be one of the better audio quality. We’re sure that this one can get the job done. It rotates, comes with presets, and plugs into your iPhone’s lightning port to make it as easy to use as possible. It also comes from an extremely well-trusted brand, so you guaranteed a high-quality product.

Prices start from $169

Best Value for Money Podcast Microphone for iPhones

Aputure Lavalier Microphone

images for best podcast microphone for iphone


  • Affordable and does the trick
  • 200 hours of battery life
  • 10 ft. anti-wind cable


The Aputure Lavalier microphone is one of the best value for money. These are also called Lapel mics. They are hooked onto your shirt collar. They are great when recording portrait videos. This power model has a built in lithium battery lasting up to 200 hours which turns itself on when it plugs into the phone and off when plugged out. It’s clear and crisp sound makes it great to digital recording however the range on this microphone is small, this is easily fixed by holding or clipping the mic closer to you when you speak.

The Aputure Lavalier mic comes comes with a wind sheet, hard case, cable winder (so you don’t get caught in your cable) and an adapter, making this one of the most agile podcast microphones as it’s compatible with your iPhone, Android, computer, laptop and even video camera.

Prices start from $40


Best iPhone Podcast Microphone for General use

Rode SmartLav+

images for best podcast microphone for iphone


  • Discreet and portable podcast microphone
  • Also compatible with Android and other smartphone devices


The Rode SmartLav+ is quality microphone with ambient sound. This is a great option for a podcaster or doing voice overs also wanting to do video as well The microphone simply clips into your shirt and gives a clear and crisp sound with very little background noise. The same excellent results are gain if you are doing tutorials or recording your online courses as well.

These are a little pricier due to higher-quality omnidirectional condenser capsule (which improves sound quality) and a Kevlar-reinforced cable to for a longer lifespan for your microphone. The mic comes with a windshield, a soft carry pouch for storage and a durable mounting clip.

The clip for attaching the mic is a sturdy build, to ensure stability when in use. However, the downfall with having a cable is the length of the cord itself. There are extension cables you can purchase that will cut out that limitation however the only thing you have to worry about may be good cable management. All in all, this is one of the higher quality lavalier microphones in the market.

Prices start from $69.00

My Recommendations

Well, when it comes to podcasting, I am all about functionality and convenience. If a product is going to give me both quality and multiple uses, then personally, I like to give it golden starts. That saying, my recommendation is the Rode VideoMic Me L.

That being said, consider your budget, what you are using it for and how often. Remember, you can upgrade or downgrade later on down the track, the important thing is to start.

If you are going to go with a lavelier, most are omnidirectional models meaning they capture sound equally from all directions. If you want a focused point such as a target or person, you cannot fix the sound to that point. However, it will still give you better crispiness, clarity and transparency sound quality than the in-built iPhone mics.

No matter which iPhone mic you choose, if you are podcasting you may also want to consider getting yourself a quality smartphone tripod mount.  This will give you more flexibility and better audio quality without the hassle and additional noise that comes with holding your phone.

What’s great is that if you have one of the latter iPhone models, you can also get amazing video recordings without needing to spend thousands on a DSLR camera or professional shotgun mic. That’s podcasting AND potentially Youtube-ing ticked off the list!

One you have your set up ready, its time to record and attract more listeners to your podcast.


If you do want something a little more professional for video, take a look at these microphones for YouTube.

If you’re trying to file a radio news story, capture some ambient audio, having instant Web access through your smartphone is a huge boost in convenience.

Note: When using this, please remember to turn on the Air plane mode, and switch off the screen saving settings. As with any of the iPhone podcast microphones, double-check the storage space and battery before recording a lengthy show.



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