How to Gain More YouTube Followers [Top 3 Tips]


YouTube is the kind of technology that has truly democratized content making. You don’t have to wait for a TV channel or a production studio to commission your story idea anymore and get more followers channel. All you need is a smartphone, a good story idea and some editing software and you can create your own channel. Once you have enough followers and videos, YouTube even starts incentivizing you by paying you money for your video views. This is when things begin to get really interesting. 

However, to get here you need to really work hard. Remember, there are millions of channels out there many of which are trying to do exactly what you are. Topics like elections and politics are always popular even though there are lots of channels talking about these issues. It’s like online casinos and betting sites that are constantly vying for your attention although it helps to check out sites like these especially if you are considering betting on elections. Nevertheless, there are some tried and test tricks that could help you get more out of your YouTube channel by increasing your subscriber base. We have listed a few of them out for you. 



Gain More YouTube Followers Tip #1: Emphasize on Video Titles 

Your videos should always be titled appropriately giving an accurate description of your content. Don’t be too creative or abstract with the title and make sure it is almost like a synopsis of the content of the video. This helps YouTube and Google’s algorithms to correctly catalogue it and offer it to the right audience. You could also use the Google Keyword Planner to get a sense of what your viewers are searching for and then use appropriate keywords for the title. A small trick like this can make a lot of difference to your views.  

Gain More YouTube Followers Tip #2: Make your thumbnail image attractive  

Make Your Thumb Image Attractive to gain more youtube followers -
Make Your Thumb Image Attractive to gain more Youtube followers –

Just like your title is an apt description of your video, your thumbnail should also contain all the information. Make sure it meets the correct dimensions and size that YouTube requires and include as much information in it as possible. The image should be bright and cheerful. You could even stylize it with graphics and illustrations. Use some typography also to convey the title and make sure the fonts are bold and colorful. This is sort of like visual merchandising. You want the casual viewer to stop at this image and click on it. Do whatever it takes to get that click and eventually get them to subscribe to your channel. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that your image is clear and high in quality. Images with low pixels per inch (PPI) make the image blurry and hard to see therefore not making your YouTube Channel look as reputable and professional as it could.

Gain More YouTube Followers Tip #3: Ride on Viral Trends and Collaborate  

Your content should ideally be relevant to the times so try to keep an eye on emerging viral trends so you can ride on them. Most often than not, it could be mundane things like a breakup video going viral. or a prank so keep an eye on all these and reach out to other YouTube creators to try and collaborate. The internet loves cross linking so start promoting other channels which can in turn promote you. YouTube subscribers like the sense of belonging to a community so play your role.  


These are just some ways to increase your followers on YouTube. There are a few more tips like investing some money in promotions and marketing. However, all these will only work if your content is truly unique and informative. 

If you are looking at also creating more online presence through digital marketing, podcasts are starting to take off and will also create another channel to help you gain more followers on Youtube. Read more on how to attract more listeners to your podcast here.



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