Skills Digital Marketing Guru Should Know [Top 5]



The field of digital is driven by technology and innovation. If you are not improving or keeping yourself updated with the latest best practices, you stand the risk of becoming redundant.

  • Do you know about the fastest growing profession in the world, which pays handsomely and has a brilliant future?
  • Are you aware of skills, you would need to become an expert Digital Marketer and become a desirable asset for agencies and brands alike?
  • Have you tried your hand at SEO, Social Media Marketing, Coding, Data Analytics and other aspects of digital marketing?

With Digital Marketing becoming the number one channel of driving marketing, sales and branding, the profession of a digital marketer is becoming desirable. 

In the following sections, we look at why digital marketing is growing. We will also list the top five skills you need to know to become a digital marketing guru. 

The Growth of Digital Marketing in recent times: Reasons

Even though the field of digital marketing was growing exponentially, in the last couple of years, the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the growth. With customer trends, purchasing habits and offline models of marketing and sales failing, brands are turning to digital marketing. 

This is why; there is a huge demand for expert professionals who are well versed in the different verticals of digital marketing. According to leading digital marketing firm, Digitrio, people are spending an increasing amount of time on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others. Brands are trying to reach people through these platforms by offering content and establishing communication. 

There is a reason why the world’s richest man is a tech billionaire. Likewise, the Founder and CEO of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is also one of the richest men in the world. Technology, digital and innovation is going to define the future of not only marketing, but almost all aspects of our lives. 

5 Skills you should know to become a Digital Marketing Guru: The List

Data Analyst

If there is one area of digital marketing, which has seen record growth, it is the field of data analytics. Companies of all shapes and sizes are turning to data to understand where they stand and what should their next steps be. Data Management, Data Governance and Data Storage are emerging as key drivers, which are engineering billion dollar growth stories. 

Content Specialist

In order to be an expert digital marketer, you need to master content. We are talking about content in all forms- text, video, images. You cannot have a digital marketing manager who does not know how to create SEO optimized content, or understands how social media copy works. Content Marketing is one of the most preferred inbound marketing strategies. 

Coding Genius

As businesses look to master the digital, they are looking to set up digital presence through websites, ecommerce platforms, and other means. The work of coding specialists to set up complex multi-vendor websites, with integrated functionalities, or to create complicated Content Management Systems, or Apps is increasing in demand with the passing of each day. 

SEO Expert-

Businesses looking to perform on digital need an SEO expert to helm their digital marketing fortunes. Acing the search rankings, increasing traffic, improving conversions and building an online brand are some tasks assigned to an SEO expert. He or she works in close cooperation with other teams (content, social media, design and development, etc.) to craft digital strategies.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Mastermind

SMM is not only one of the most important ways of reaching customers, but also building long-term relationships through platforms that include Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more recently, the rise of Podcasts. It is also the place, where you can build a brand, promote loyalty and undertake active sales. All this would only be possible if you have a person who is a master of handling social media platforms. Many brands lead with this aspect of digital marketing initially. Social media 


While it might be difficult for one person to master all the above skills, there are some among us, who have worked tirelessly to emerge as digital marketing gurus. In terms of a career option, this profession is showing a lot of promise. You can either work with an agency or work for a brand’s in-house digital team. 

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