Bitdefender vs. Avast – Which is the best? [Detailed Review]


Bitdefender vs Avast

Malware can attack your computer, and these programs slow down your applications, cause crashes in your system and can compromise the security of your personal information.

Today, with much of our information stored on our computers and backed up in the cloud, it is important to protect yourself from attacks like these.

BitDefender and Avast are two of the 10 best Internet protection providers, and this rating is based on their performance in the AV-Tests. Below we have made for you a comparison of these two services.

Which one is right for you? Let’s take a look:



BitDefender won the Gold Award in the AV-Tests. This test is divided into three main areas: protection, repair, and usability.

All internet security suites are subjected to thousands of malware samples and rated according to their ability to identify and protect the system from these attacks.

While anti-malware solutions identify, on average, 97% of malware attacks correctly.

BitDefender was able to identify all 17,794 malware samples in Windows 7 effectively.

BitDefender also has a minimal impact on system speed and offers an extensive list of features in terms of customization and control.

What features does BitDefender have that Avast does not have?

  1. Parental control and user profiles.
  2. Virtual keyboard.
  3. Online support

Features with which BitDefender excels: Reliability and Parental Control

  1. He correctly identified all the malware samples in the AV-Tests tests
  2. Superior rating in terms of usability, protection and repair.
  3. Parental control that allows you to configure several profiles.



Avast antivirus protection offers a set of basic tools including game mode, secure browsing, anti-spam filters, file sharing protection and firewalls.

Within the SafeZone application, if you get to perform dangerous activities (like playing for free and clicking links from unknown sources).

You can work in a virtual way outside the computer to keep the system safe. Avast lacks parental control and profile settings.

Characteristics with which Avast excels: SafeZone and Programmed Analysis

  1. SafeZone protects users who engage in risky behavior.
  2. Ability to program scans.
  3. Includes complete antivirus tools for basic protection.

How does BitDefender and Avast compare to the Best of This Class?

Bitdefender surpassed all the security suites with which it competed in the AV tests and is the winner of the 2014 Gold Award.

At a lower price than most other suites, it offers very effective and efficient web protection, along with an extensive list of features.

In terms of usability, protection and repair, it outperformed Avast and all other anti-malware providers, earning the title of the best in its class.

Why is BitDefender the Best of Its Class?

  1. It causes a minimal impact on system performance while performing a scan.
  2. He correctly identified all the threats in Windows 7 and 8.
  3. Integrates features and options to offer full functionality.

BitDefender or Avast: Which is the best?

BitDefender earned the highest score in the performance tests, and its 2014 Gold Award makes it the best provider in its class.

With superior effectiveness and reliability, it offers all the features that one could find in a higher cost application while maintaining its simplicity.

One of the things that make it different from the others is its parental control, which offers the advantage of creating several profiles for different users, adjusting their privileges and monitoring their activity.

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