Super Dungeon Bros – A Complete Review [PS4 & Steam Edition]

SuperDungeonBrosWhen was the last time you had the opportunity to shake the tombs with the dead and fly over their heads with a wide sword? Before you multiplayer cross-platform scuffle in dungeons with a rock theme – Super Dungeon Bros from the studio React Games! Action-RPG style gameplay with four of them on the same couch or in an online cooperative. Cross-platform multiplayer on the most popular platforms: Xbox One, Win10, PS4, PC and Mac.

Lately, the indie games are making space between our consoles, and despite being works with a low budget and aimed at a specific audience, many are known and loved by the players worldwide.

Background of the review

The alternative proposal of today’s review is the latest work of ReAct Game’s ‘Super Dungeon Bros’, a thrilling dungeon-crawler that enjoys the gameplay of hack & slash with an isometric view. Enough according to many of you to make it worthwhile, but will you have what it takes to occupy a space on our digital bookshelf?

Dance or music simulators mainly represent games for parties in our time, and playing such a “serious” gamer, who is already almost a world star of streaming or eSports, is not from your hand. Is it an isometric action! Albeit unpretentious, but with the elements of RPG and “trend” jokes, jokes. That is the Super Dungeon Bros, which we will talk about today.

Confused plot, “party” game, of course, is not needed. In Super Dungeon Bros it is not: a short introductory video just introduces us to the four protagonist bros, who found a prophesying music record and set off to clean the dungeons from numerous evil creatures in order to become rock stars and get cool weapons.

In the future, the existence of at least some semblance of a story in this game resembles only the humorous remarks of the narrator and heroes. They do not shine with ingenuity, but they also don’t go as far as obscene things, which is not bad.

History is an excuse

“Super Dungeon Bros” is based on the prophecy of the god of rock that was in the record of the bargain, and the unique four members of Axel, Freddy, Lars, and Ozzy of Rock are part of the rock. It is an action game to go out to the holy ground and adventure.

We all know, history in a game of this style is the least. It is poor, although this is not a problem. This time we have four soldiers who receive a vinyl with instructions to get weapons and powerful skills: go into Röckheim and kill any monster in its path. After some jokes between them, they accept without hesitation, and the game begins.

Simple but with a certain attraction for the inclusion of rock as a fundamental part of the game, although as we will see later, it is conspicuous by its absence.

Gameplay that could have been incredible and did not quite get it

The entrance of the dungeon, there is an altar with adjustable difficulty. If you find it difficult, light the orange altar to make it easier to capture and enjoy the adventure at a level of difficulty that suits you! Also, because the dungeon is auto-generated, you can play over and over again. Challenge daily dungeons, weak lead johns, and daily updated challenges!

Normally a dungeon-crawler stands out for its playability, for the feeling of infinite progression, for the amount of skills, weapons, and armor that are within our reach and for the range of enemies that we will encounter. In this case, you can not say that the variability of the title is huge, just try it.

As for the combat system, a key element in titles of this type, it can not be said to be a marvel. We will use two types of attacks, one weak and one strong and fast and slow, and we will have an ultimate or final that will sweep away everything in its path.

To this, we add a jump to overcome the obstacles platformers that has the game, and a dash (dodge) fast to avoid attacks of enemies or escape.

Finally, it is flavored with an attractive catch and throw mechanics in which we can throw barrels and even companions. It will be very useful to solve certain puzzles in cooperative/online mode or to make very interesting combined strategic attacks.

It is very lacking skills, even if only a couple of them by weapon or character. The difficulty is curiously high if we decide on the body to body, and in general, terms are normal, so there is no challenge.

A technical section that meets

Technically the super dungeon bros

Technically, the game does not offer us many graphic possibilities beyond the resolution, and six general graphic possibilities, without being able to change specific aspects of the graphics. The game runs at 60 FPS on any mid-range computer.

Of course, I have only tried the single player mode, so I do not know for sure if it will continue to shoot those FPS with three more players on screen, and I also suffered two freezes during the course of testing.

Something to be grateful for is that it is translated and dubbed into in many more languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

The visual section has a cartoon aesthetic more typical of mobile games or previous generations than a powerful platform that runs very demanding titles, although it is not out of place at all.

On the positive side, it can be said that you do not experience lowering of frames very common in this type of games when many enemies and channeled skills accumulate.

I remember having lived this experience playing Diablo 3 with a hero in hardcore mode (if you die you lose all the progress with that character, items, level, everything) and lost about 70 hours of play. In this case, a bad performance is not so critical, but it is valued that the game goes smoothly.

Poor sound and a DLC to enjoy rock

Sound Quality of SDB Steam video game

In the sound section, we find a big problem. When we are told that the game is rock-themed, we hope to eliminate hordes of enemies to the sound of powerful guitar solos and tireless drum rhythms. To our surprise, the original soundtrack has nothing to do with that, but it is a piece of somewhat mediocre music that does not contribute much.

And I say original because if we want to unlock a soundtrack rock, the eighties and another heavier, we will have to buy DLC for payment. This seems truly outrageous to me since you can not sell the game as something that it is not originally. It’s like selling a horror game for its scares, where the scares come in DLC. This does not do the game any favors, just the opposite.

In the sound section, the title leaves much to be desired. Super Bros Dungeon is dubbed into Castilian, and many will think it’s appreciated, but it’s not good for the game. The dubbing, in addition to appearing on a few occasions during the game, is quite poor and this is a problem.

Those who have played titles like DmC: Devil May Cry will know that a bad dubbing penalizes the game experience a lot because it totally disconnects the player from the action or storytelling. Here, luckily, it appears on a few occasions, which is to be grateful.

On the other hand, the player hopes to progress through the dungeons with a rock and epic soundtrack that encourages him to burst everything he finds. However, the only reference to this genre occurs in the game menu (slightly reminiscent of Broforce’s menu ) and the introduction of the story.

Tips to boost the sound quality

If you want to enjoy a more rock soundtrack during expeditions, you will have to buy the DLC. Rock is only used as an excuse to characterize the characters and as a distinction over other titles (although the characters have nothing of rock or heavy aesthetics). To this is added some passable sound effects that do not mix correctly with the overall sound of the game.

In spite of everything, is it a funny title?

It is a game mainly oriented to the cooperative or online mode, so the experience varies enormously if we play alone or accompanied. Playing alone, the game is entertained in its first two or three hours of play.

From that moment on, it becomes repetitive, and with little incentive to continue playing. Super Bros Dungeon, as its name suggests, is designed to play with your brother or your best friends.


With the mechanics of catching and throwing that I mentioned earlier, there can be very funny and attractive situations that keep the title alive. Actions like catching your fatigue partner, throwing him into battle and seeing him die are one of the funniest moments (they have always been in titles with friendly-fire).

However, the online mode, something that should have been carefully met, has some failures such as disconnections with the server and certain moments of lag that disturb the gaming experience.

Enemies in Super Dungeon Bros are a gentleman. They do not attack without warning, do not die without splashing

Enemies in Super Dungeon Bros

No need for such a game and tricky mechanics, so Super Dungeon Bros is extremely easy to learn. In the asset we have: levels filled with opponents and traps, partially generated randomly, four types of weapons (swords, crossbows, hammers or batons), steeper samples of which are opened for in-game currency, and a “scale of danger” that fills over time , increases the number of respawning mobs and pushes players to an arguably passing level.

The game for parties does not need a special dependence on users’ skills, so after a couple of hours, the player of an average hand will rest against the limitations of the gameplay, which do not allow him to bend. For example, a character cannot move and beat at the same time.

Started animation will certainly be completed, which makes it impossible to escape from damage during a long swing by some kind of hammer. And in general, the “hit-rebounded” tactic does not work here at all. But the enemies are not too quick, and the beginning of the attack of most of them is “marked” visually.

The game looks the same as any other cartoon isometric action

Super Dungeon Bros Xbox

And you know, playing Super Dungeon Bros with the keyboard and mouse is impossible: the control scheme, in which the “WASD” key combination is responsible for moving the character, and the direction of the impact is selected using the mouse cursor, works tolerably only in slow games with large open spaces.

In this case, the locations are tight, nimble crowds twist the enemies, and you can’t tell which way you are hitting and where the cursor is in general. Therefore, it is recommended to play exclusively with a gamepad.

But what is vital for a party game is fun. And with him Super Dungeon Bros full order. Unpretentious, but nice looking colorful graphics adjusts to a cheerful way, and simple gameplay does not require full concentration.

But here you can take your friend into the hands and launch him into a crowd of enemies. Or in the inaccessible area of ​​the location, where the lever is located, deactivating the trap. Otherwise throw it off a cliff (the fall is not fatal, the brother will return with a small penalty to health). Or just run around with him, giggling hysterically.

And, in the midst of the battle, you can activate any rotating blades that cause damage to both opponents and comrades. Opportunities to have fun, in passing constipation is the next passage, in Super Dungeon Bros enough.

Balance in Super Dungeon Bros

The balance in the game is rather strange: to avoid getting damage will not work under any conditions, and health is only replenished with the help of randomly falling out first-aid kits (mugs of beer) and rarely encountered merchants.

Accordingly, if the first-aid kit does not fall out at the right moment, you are guaranteed to glue the flippers together. But this does not happen often and does not lead to a series of permanent losses – much more often, the reason for the failure is the crazy behavior of the comrades.

The best thing to do in Super Dungeon Bros is to play in the local co-op mode – for people sitting on the same sofa, the game can bring a lot of fun. Cross-platform network cooperative (between Xbox One and Windows 10 or PS4 and PC / Mac) can also be considered quite a working option, although it still has some problems with finding partners.

But to play it in the single-player mode is completely pointless, although from a technical point of view there are no complaints about it (the regime). Won’t you try to get pleasure, squirming on the rug for the Twister, and while being in splendid isolation?

Background of the story of Super Dungeon Bros

It is a dungeon-crawler action with an isometric view, in which we will dedicate ourselves to kill without rest any living creature that crosses our path.

The story is presented in a very simple and comical way. Our four protagonists are the members of a rock band, who find a CD that proposes the mission of crossing the dungeons in search of epic weapons, and they accept motivated. The truth is that it’s enough because when we play a dungeon-crawler, we do not expect it to have a great story.

It is not the first time that rock and comedy is mixed in a game, as Brütal Legend did , but in Super Dungeon Bros, that rock aesthetic is very much missed, since from the first cinematic we can see that the characters seem more soldiers of the future totally alien to the musical genre that a rock band. Especially if you are fans of the genre like me, this will shock you.

In the playable section, we will have three options, either play alone, with our friends on LAN or play online with strangers. In any of the three cases, our objectives and the gameplay is always the same: go through the procedurally generated levels of the dungeon until you reach the end, and kill your boss. The dungeons make a big mistake, and it is the little variety of both enemies and mechanics that we will find.

The combat system in Super Dungeon Bros

Super Dungeon Bros Combat

The combat system, which is what is really important in the game, is too simple to focus solely on that. We will only have a normal attack, a strong attack, and an “ultimate” when we fill the energy meter. The absence of skills makes the combat feel very repetitive, and when we have been playing for a while, boring.

A point in favor is that to move, we will use WASD and the mouse to point our attacks, and we will also use the SHIFT key to move quickly and dodge attacks and projectiles, which gives it a bit of dynamism.

As we progress through the dungeons, we will find random improvements for our character, such as increased damage, critical hit probability, etc., that will last throughout the entire dungeon. Also, when we eliminate enemies, they will release us some coins with which we can buy more improvements at the end of each level.

All these improvements are not permanent, that is, once we finish the dungeon completely or leave the game, these bonuses will disappear. What will last permanently are some crystals that we will sometimes find, whose function is to buy new weapons and helmets, and when we finish each dungeon they will give us a permanent bonus to some statistics. All this is not bad, because it gives us a sense of progress.

Weapons in Super Dungeon Bros

Weapons in SDB Game in Steam

There are 4 types of weapons: hammer, sword, crossbow, and baton. Each one has its style of play, which gives a minimum of variety to combat with little chicha. In addition, the additional weapons that we unlock, although they remain in these four main groups, change the statistics, so that there will be more offensive and other more defensive hammers, for example.

We have four types of weapons: cane (or scepter), hammer, sword, and crossbow. It seems enough, and it would be if the modifications of the different types of weapons were numerous, but we only have sixteen different weapons in the game.

We do not have armor (the armors that exist affect only aesthetically) or accessories that add buffs to our character, and these are obtained during the game by buying them from a merchant or by finishing the level in exchange for gold that we will get in chests or killing enemies.

To get different weapons, we will need to exchange them for three types of materials that will be obtained during the game.

This gives a touch of customization that is always good. The helmets that we can buy will only influence the physical appearance, just like the character we choose, since the four-fight in the same way.

The difficulty of Super Dungeon Bros

As for the difficulty, it is a very difficult game, especially if we play with melee weapons because when we attack our character, he remains standing on the site while performing the animation. This means that if we are persecuted by many enemies, in that second, we attack, half of our life bar is gone. In addition, it gives the little combat fluidity.

Turning to the visual section is a game that could give much more of itself and play more with the aesthetic “cartoon,” because although the graphics are not bad, the textures and details are very poor, and are more suitable for a mobile game that of powerful platforms.

In addition, as I mentioned at the beginning, we will not see the rock aesthetic by absolutely anywhere, when in the description of the game they name this theme as one of the attractions of the game.

Hit the rock in this hole

The four of us break and destroy the medieval fantasy world of Rockheim, namely its underground: Cryptic is an underground complex, Chilheim is a brewery built over a beer geyser, Boghheim is a thorny jungle full of wild animals and poisonous plants.

Even though there are only three dungeons, at the end of each is BOSS. And the dungeons themselves are randomly generated before the start, and you will never go through two identical dungeons in this game. In addition, at the beginning of the level, you will be asked to light the cups, which in various ways make it difficult or easier for the dungeon to pass: changing health points or effects in battle.

In the dungeons to collect collectible items, which in turn forever passively strengthen your character.

Characters in Super Dungeon Bros

Characters in Super Dungeon Bros

The best part of this game is cooperative play with up to 4 people! You can go wild with your friends online or locally. Go through stupid conversations with the direction keys, and if you get angry, throw the other person off the stage!

Of course, you can enjoy it with a single player.

Any adventure begins with the fact that one of our 4 heroes brings a record, and it takes us to the dungeon.


Axel – the strongest in the group, and he is not afraid to remind you about it. This guy fights first and then asks questions so that you can rely on Axel. Unless, of course, you are not disturbed by heaps of bones and huge collateral damage.


Lars considers himself a real Lovelace. It is a pity that he loses the gift of speech when next to him is a representative of the opposite sex. However, he is determined to set up the Queen of Hladheim (to be honest, this goal is completely unrealistic).


Do you know such a guy in any company of friends who performs the most insane and stupid acts, because he thinks it is funny, even if no one else thinks so? This guy is Freddie. To say that he is dumber than a bag of stones is to offend the stones.


Ozzy is a true genius. Unfortunately, he uses his genius to create disorder and chaos on an incredible scale, and not to change Roheim for the better. There is a fine line between genius and madness, and we cannot say for sure which side of this line Ozzie is on.

In the framework of such a simple game, the characters are revealed enough, and it’s interesting to follow the heroic, unfortunately, rare comments. It is also possible to buy for a small price of female characters in the in-game store.

Tools of destruction in Super Dungeon Bros

SDB Steam Game

There are four types of weapons. A well-balanced sword, an excellent hammer for protection, a crossbow that can be attacked from a distance, and a wand with excellent support. Each type has four weapons, some of which have poison and recovery effects. Get the weapons that suit you and set off on a rock adventure.

As you progress, you will earn local currency – stones. Stones are blue, green, and yellow.

Weapons are divided into 4 types: swords, maces, rods, and firearms. Your style of play and basic superpower depend on the type of weapon you choose. For example, with a sword, you can spin in a deadly tornado, and a firearm for a short time to increase damage.

No matter what character you play, it depends on what kind of weapon you have in your hand! The calculation is based on the fact that each of the 4 players will take their own weapons (roles themselves) or come up with some new, unusual combination. Outwardly, each weapon has something in common with something from the gaming industry, but one cannot say that it is drawn from somewhere.

Brawl to the sounds of rock

The visual design of the game is amazing, even though the game is being developed on Unity, and of transcendent beauty, given the cross-platform nature, is impossible to see here.

Music, starting with the main menu and ending with boss fights, remains at its best. Also, you can add additional styles Dubstep, Metal, the 80s.

Multiplayer battles at the moment could not be seen for two reasons, the game’s online is small, and it’s incredibly difficult to find four free players to play an unfamiliar game. Playing alone in Super Dungeon Bros is also not as interesting as the developers assumed.

And after I’m online, I don’t think I’m going to want to play with 3 strangers. I see two options where Super Dungeon Bros will do well: the first is home parties, the second is public places, for example, anti-cafe.


System requirements for Super Dungeon Bros

System requirements


OS: Windows 7

Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz


Video card: Nvidia GeForce GT 740

DirectX: Version 10

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Disk space: 2500 MB


OS: Windows 10

Processor: Dual Core / 3.0 GHz


Video card: Nvidia GTX 750ti

DirectX: Versions 11

Network: Broadband internet connection

Disk space: 2500 MB


Super Dungeon Bros is another game within the huge pile of dungeon-crawlers, which due to its excessively simple and repetitive combat, its little variety, and the absence of the rock aesthetic that preaches and that could have given it a touch of distinction, will make you throw a few games with your friends to kill time, but nothing beyond that.

Super Dungeon Bros does not conquer new heights, and the game came out so that a company of four friends would pass it a couple of evenings. The whole concept of the game is sharpened for a couple of evenings, and you will have time to jump at all levels, collect a collection of tracks, open the weapon you like.

For daily rubbing up of levels in the game, there are no final goals and a feeling of long progress. On Steam, the game costs 10 dollars, not the worst amount to get past a unique game. What is its uniqueness?

Most of you know that a lot of party games go to the Nintendo console, where you can flop four of us on a sofa and go crazy without any back thinking. Super Dungeon Bros is a cross-platform game for parties, which means a step has been taken in the right direction.


It is a pity that titles of this genre are left half with the amount of references and good ideas that are in the market. It is an attractive and very fun game to hang out with friends, but it is difficult to spend a lot of time without getting bored because it lacks diversity in terms of weapons, armor, and no skills.

Should I have space in our collection? If we really want to throw our friends to certain death, of course. In general terms, it is not an indispensable title.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Super Dungeon Bros system requirements are very democratic, which once again underlines its whole essence – this game is created for entertaining a noisy company, and the absence of a powerful PC should not become an obstacle to the fun. Although gamepads still have to get.

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