Comparing Windows Defender vs Avast [Side-by-Side]

Comparing Windows Defender vs Avast [Side-by-Side]

Windows Defender vs Avast

Surely we all have the doubt once of what antivirus to use if Windows Defender or Avast Free Antivirus.

And the truth is that they are two of the main options by which users move, this is why we will try to give some quick keys so that each user decides on one or the other.

Content of the Article:

  1. How to acquire it
  2. Main advantages and disadvantages of having Windows Defender
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of having Avast
  4. Success rate in protection, performance and usability
  5. Opinion on Windows defender vs Avast

How to acquire it

Of course the first thing we will have to focus on is the common characteristics that both programs have.

Both are free , Windows Defender of course it is, since they are integrated natively in our Windows 10 system.

We will not need to activate the system by license to enjoy its functions.

On the other hand, Avast is a free antivirus, although the company has other more advanced versions available through a paid license.

The truth is that these versions are complete, but they have a cost.

Both antiviruses will have:

  • Active protection in real time against spyware, ransomware and malware threats.
  • Both offer us the possibility of running them offline to detect viruses before the PC starts.
  • Both are updated automatically, although the Avast virus database is somewhat more advanced and complete.
  • They also have virus trunk functionality, website blocking, configure exclusions and temporary deactivation.
  • Both have Wi-Fi network protection implemented.

Main advantages and disadvantages of having Windows Defender

The main advantage that Windows has to defend against Avast is that it is fully integrated into the system.

This is important because it is also connected to the Windows firewall, and to the Smart Screen program blocking tool .

We will access from the system configuration to all available antivirus options from the update and security section. The menu is very simple to read and easy to use.

It offers options that the rest of free antivirus do not have like the commented firewall, detection of suspicious programs at the time of installing them and protection of user accounts.

Regarding the negative aspects to comment, we can mention that it is impossible to uninstall it. This seems silly, but there are users who want to uninstall this program to install a payment or simply because they do not like.

In addition, the complete deactivation of it is practically impossible . We are not talking about deactivating the shield, but all the functionalities that this one has.

For this, we will need to configure group policies or go to the Windows registry. So it is quite tedious, and there will always be active processes of it in the system.

Advantages and disadvantages of having Avast

Advantages and disadvantages of having Avast

We now talk a little about Avast. The company behind Avast has been related to equipment safety for many years.

So we have no doubts about its experience and effectiveness.

The main advantage that we see Avast is its interface , unlike Windows defend.

Absolutely everything will be centralized under the same window, both options and modules to activate or deactivate.

For a user who wants to access all the options of an antivirus easily and without detours, Avast clearly outperforms Defender.

In addition, we can install, uninstall, activate and deactivate as we please.

Another of the windows of this antivirus against other free options on the market is that its protection modules will not be deactivated after the typical test time, as with others such as Malwarebytes, for example.

This means that we will have the same functions from the first day to the last, something that is appreciated.

Given the disadvantages that we can draw from Avast, is that the payment options are much more complete than this, and the general protection of Defender is more complete to be a product of the manufacturer of the system.

We found that in both security and usability Windows Defender is in front, although they are practically in a technical draw. Obviating the payment options that are on the list, they are the two best free programs for PC protection.

In general, we verify that the results are very similar in both programs, having a protection index against attacks and malware detection the same.

In performance statistics, Windows Defender is, as a rule, slower than Avast in terms of installing programs and accessing web pages.

On the other hand, we see that it obtains better results when it comes to loading frequently used programs and running software, something that is very important when it comes to having a team with ease and little influence from an antivirus.

The average number of erroneous detections of software such as malware are also identical, with an average of 4 in more than one million examples. We continue then with the technical draw .

Opinion on Windows defender vs. Avast

To choose Windows Defender or Avast, we believe we have given good information regarding both softwares. Of course it is not an in-depth review of both antivirus, since we would be here a good time almost for nothing.

In my opinion, the best option is to defend Windows, mainly because it is already implemented in Windows and is lazy to have to download another software and install it.

Also, as we have said, disabling Windows to defend completely is almost impossible.

If we take into account the results of AV-TEST, it is not that one antivirus stands out from the other, they have practically identical results in everything .

So we finally consider that the best option is to defend Windows, for features, availability and security.

After this information, each one draw their own conclusions. Of course there will be favoritism on both sides, but looking objectively, the result is a draw.

What free antivirus do you think is better, Defender, Avast or something different? Let’s write in the comments what you think.

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