World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 [Class Changes]


World of Warcraft Legion Patch 7.2.5

It’s no secret that the World of Warcraft Legion add-on itself is a gloriously large amount of new content, and this was also true for the not-so-large outgoing intermediate patches.

And here at the start of the patch 7.2.5, in which players expect a balancing of class abilities, many updates and the same raid on the tomb of Sargeras himself, where the heroes already waited for boss bosses Kil’jaeden.

Without a doubt, it will be an epic adventure and the Burning Legion is seriously preparing for it, but for now, there is a possibility, we will list other innovations that will come to World of Warcraft with patch 7.2.5:

  • For real fans, publishers have prepared the epoch-making complexity of the raid Citadel of the Night and Trial of Valor, the innovation will be available through a cross-server. For those who dreamed of getting a mount from Guldan, there is also good news until the end of the Legion addition in the myth, it will drop out guaranteed, with a probability of 100%;
  • Time travel, to the great joy of the fans, suggests including raids. For example, the Black Temple. There is information that up to 30 characters will be able to participate in the campaign, and perhaps this will affect the complexity. And so fun means the atmosphere, the mood of the soundtrack music and the impressive interiors of Illidan’s two-tiered harem;

  • The tradition of small holidays that recently appeared in the game will continue. Rumors about the planned Festival of Moon Owls have passed, the truth in what will be the meaning of the event – is still unknown. They talk about a dance event, but such rumors have been going on for a very long time, and it is difficult to say, this is just waiting for a legend, or it may still turn out to be true;
  • They have already confirmed it that the Test of Mods competition will appear in the game, although the information is provided only: the competitors enter a special room and receive a task – to draw a suit on a specific topic from their existing armor and weapons. Voting will determine the winner. However, the details of the process, the mechanics of the event and the actual possible rewards to the winner are still unknown;
  • Also, the scenario will be available, “The Death of Khromi,” where this very Khromi can be saved. A nice bonus to the participants of the mission will be the disclosure of time streams in the Warcraft universe and the history of the world of powerful bronze dragons;
  • They relate another episode of the plot to King Magni, who will again reveal himself in the game. Take part in the scenario and find out what Magni wants to tell the heroes of Azeroth;
  • The pets will not stay aside, the Gnomeregan Underground and the Dead Mines Underground Cave will add to the Cave of Wailing in patch 7.2.5 ;
  • The publisher promises to develop the direction of fights so that you can try your hand not only in Arati Basin. Waiting, waiting;
  • Major changes await Warlock class characters with the Destruction specialization, Monk with the Brewmaster specialization, and Rogue with the Thug specialty. So one of the characters will be capable of new feats, previously unavailable.

Patch 7.2.5 has not yet been introduced in the “combat” version, so it is quite possible before the release of the official release they will make more changes.

Fans of World of Warcraft Legion froze in anticipation, and they believe it that the launch of the patch will be timed to the end of the PVP season, which will be held on June 13.

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