What is Private Internet Access rubyw.exe?

What is Private Internet Access rubyw.exe?

Private Internet Access rubyw.exeSome users asked us about the power of rubyw.exe. Users are generally concerned about this executable after determining that a process is consuming system resources.

In addition, this process is associated with an “error producing process” error.

The original rubyw.exe process is used by VPN software called Private Internet Access.

However, we recommend that you consider this process, as some users report that their executable files are infected with malware.

If a “process error” error occurs, the problem may be resolved when reinstalling the VPN package. Follow the above steps to remove the PIA.

Then click this link (here) to download the installer and install using a clean private internet access copy.

The program can connect to many remote computers in seconds. Dedicated connections do not affect the functionality of virtual private network connections.

Connectivity facts between rubyw.exe and pia_manager.exe

Let’s talk about the connection between rubyw.exe and pia_manager.exe first. Rubyw.exe is a program that runs its own software using the Windows Ruby interpreter, private Internet access.

Rubyw.exe is a Windows Ruby interpreter, and our software can be used as a series of scenes + all necessary executables Gems +. Start with the executable and extract a copy of Ruby and all the gems needed to run it.

The software initiates all outgoing connections at startup to control the availability, reliability, and speed of the PIA.

The program needs to find a suitable server in the area, as the location to connect can only be selected when using “private internet access” software. Therefore, a link is created when the network starts. PIA software

If you check the IP addresses that were contacted when you started the VPN connection, it appears that some of these IP addresses do not have private Internet access, most of which have these addresses.

According to private Internet access personnel, this is due to rDNS error (i.e., remote DNS).

The app searches rDNS. As a directory, RDNS should be updated. If you can not access rDNA or name server, we will update it to hide the link. All PIA IP addresses may be displayed.

Connections are blocked, but programs can connect to unnecessary servers because they can not identify the appropriate server in terms of speed and reliability.

What is rubyw.exe file?

The executable file rubyw.exe is used by a known VPN solution called Private Internet Access (PIA). In fact, Rubyw.exe acts as a translator.

Your task is to create a compressed copy of the executable script + + other components of VPN.

When a process is started from an executable file, it shows a spike in resource usage and may export copies of Ruby and all other gems needed to run it.

There is no security risk to the real rubyw.exe process, as executables are needed to understand and optimize the data center used to achieve maximum performance.

Are there any potential security risks?

rubyw-exeUnlike other suspicious executables, it is easy to know if rubyw.exe is real or malicious. If PIA (Private Internet Access) is installed in the system and used as a VPN, this process can be treated as secure.

By temporarily disabling the VPN connection provided by the PIA and ensuring that the rubyw.exe process disappears, you can verify that the process is correct.

If you discover that the process is launched from a task manager that completely disables private internet access and consumes the same resources, it may be a malicious executable file.

And ff your system does not have private Internet access, you are more likely to be infected with malware.

If your system does not currently have a VPN, it is recommended that you scan your system using a powerful security package such as Malwarebytes.

Also, if you need help, see our detailed article on how to use malware to detect and remove malware (here).

Be careful. When scanning an executable VPN, such as rubyw.exe, be aware that malware bytes and other antivirus packages can cause false positives.

If you trust VPN, do not allow security scanners to quarantine executable files, as this will break the VPN connection. If you trust the VPN connection, you need to update its secure antivirus program.

Do you need to delete rubyw.exe?

As mentioned above, rubyw.exe is an integral part of the normal operation of VPN software for private internet access.

If you do not use the software, you can delete the executable file, but it is best to remove it using the entire VPN set. To do this, open the “Run” command (Windows + R), type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter to open the programs and features.

Under Programs and Features, click Private Internet Access, right-click and select Delete. Then follow the instructions that appear to remove the VPN software from your system.

If a “process error” error occurs, the problem may be resolved when reinstalling the VPN package. Follow the above steps to remove the PIA.

Then click this link (here) to download the installer and install using a clean private internet access copy.

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