Perfmon.exe – What is This Process and How to Fix Problems With It

Perfmon.exe – What is This Process and How to Fix Problems With It

Perfmon.exeThe system runs a huge number of processes simultaneously.

They provide it with all the necessary functions and options.

In the article, we will talk about what this process is – perfmon.exe.

You will learn what role it plays in the system where it is located, what problems may arise with it, as well as ways to eliminate them.

When the computer starts to work slowly, first of all, we open the “Task Manager” to find out who caused the problem.

And every time, paying attention to unknown running programs, suspicion falls on the virus infection.

Fortunately, this is not always the case. Let’s take a look at what the perfmon.exe process is and how to disable it.

Perfmon.exe – what is this process?

Perfmon.exeFirst of all, we will find out why this process exists in the system at all. And it is necessary for the reason that it is the executive file of the Resource Monitor utility.

The application itself is a set of tools that are needed to control the system. In it, you can view all the processes that are currently running.

Monitor the load on the CPU, track files that are clogging up RAM, and so on.

The process is an integral component of the OS; that is, you can not delete or complete it.

Process description

Perfmon.exe is an executable file of the standard Windows-application Performance Monitor.

Which graphically displays the load on the PC resources and provides data on all running applications. You can open the utility by entering the resmon.exe text in the Start menu.

In the default state, the file does not represent a threat.

Perfmon.exe has the maximum reliability rating due to regular verification of digital signatures during the system update.

Where is he located

Now you know what the process is – perfmon.exe, so now we will go to the question of its location in the system.

This is necessary to know in order to distinguish a virus attack hiding under this name from the real one.

So, the executable file perfmon.exe is in the System32 folder, which is placed in the Windows directory on the local system disk.

It is from there that the process of the same name is launched, and, accordingly, the Resource Monitor application.

Possible problems

While working at the computer errors may occur related to the process of perfmon.exe.

Most often this is observed in Windows Vista. Now consider how to fix them:

If user account control is disabled on Windows Vista, it may simply freeze while working on the computer, which will only help a full restart of the system.

To get rid of this problem, you will need to install the latest update through the Windows Update Center.

The second reason could be an unlicensed version of the operating system.

No matter how trite it may sound, but, using a pirated copy, the chance to “catch up” with the hang significantly increases.

To get rid of this, purchase a key or install a more stable assembly.

These were the most frequent problems. Now you know not only what the process is perfmon.exe, but also how to get rid of the problems associated with it.

Experts advise attentively to the programs that are installed on the PC, especially downloaded from the Internet.


How to unload the processor?

In some versions of Windows, there is the problem of increased CPU and hard disk usage. This may be due to two factors:

  1. User Account Control (UAC) is disabled. If this function is deactivated on Windows Vista and logging into the system is performed under an administrator account, the computer may freeze completely. This is due to an internal system error, which can only be solved by updating the operating system to a newer version using Windows Update. Since the “seven,” a similar problem was not observed.
  2. Pirate version. No matter how trite it may sound, but an unlicensed version of the OS sometimes causes this kind of problem. Purchase an activation key or try installing another assembly.

Attention! The problem may appear sometime after installation. Immediately learn about the error-free installation is impossible.

These are the main causes of perfmon.exe related issues. But it is also worth thinking about checking your computer for viruses.

After all, it is obvious that modern software threats can disguise themselves as any trusted application. To scan a PC, do the following:

  1. Download Dr.Web CureIt! and perform a full hard disk memory and RAM scan.
  2. In case of detection of dangerous files, follow the antivirus prompts for disinfecting or deleting objects.
  3. Download and install CCleaner.
  4. Clean your PC from temporary files.
  5. Remove obsolete registry keys.
  6. Reboot the computer.

Attention! Disable or manually delete perform.exe is not recommended, because This will lead to frequent system errors.

Now you know what perfmon.exe process is and how to optimize it.

Remember that the use of CPU and hard disk resources up to 20% is considered acceptable – the application can be updated or collect statistics.

Therefore, it is not necessary to sound the alarm ahead of time; after a while, everything can return to normal indicators.


So we found out what the process is – perfmon.exe, why it is so important for the system. In fact, the utility has lost its popularity.

More often, the user uses the Task Manager but is still indispensable for solving serious problems with the Resource Monitor system.

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