Ce-30005-8 Cannot Start The Application [PS 4 Error Solved]


How to Fix Error CE-30005-8 Cannot Start the Application

Error code CE-30005-8 may appear suddenly when you play your favorite game or operate an application.

Contents of the error message: “Application can not start (CE-30005-8)”, as shown below.

The real problem with this type of error is that it is mainly due to material failure.

If such an error occurs, especially if the PS4 drive is responsible, you need to take immediate action.

This means that your data has been compromised, so you may suddenly lose your data without warning. Unfortunately, PS4 internal hard drives usually cause this error as well as other errors such as ce-34788-0.

It indicates that you have a serious operational problem and should be repaired.

In any case, even if you did not encounter this error, you should seriously consider the reliability, speed and overall performance of the replacement hard drive PS4.

The low cost of PS4 hard drives makes them obsolete and obsolete devices that no longer meet today’s minimum performance standards. Read the detailed report on the specifications of the PS4 hard drive and find out what I mean.

In any case, you should consider this error and suggest steps that you can take to eliminate it completely.

Official Error Fix of CE-30005-8

Official Error Fix of CE-30005-8

The wrong solution is provided on the official PlayStation website. Many users find this error useful. (resource)

An error occurred while accessing the hard disk (“HDD”) or Blu-ray / DVD drive.

Your console seems difficult to read from your hard drive or Blu-ray player. Please do the following.

  • Remove the system tray and check that it is not dirty, scratched or damaged.
  • If the disk is in good condition, select Safe Mode 5 and try rebuilding the system database. Learn how to access and use Protected Mode.

If the error persists, the console may be damaged, and maintenance is required. Please contact PlayStation Support.

In many cases, this solution is useless and useless. Yes, it helps a lot, but on the other hand, it does not help many users.

#1. Determine the real reason of error CE-30005-8

CE-30005-8 errors can occur in any of three devices: internal hard drive PS4, external hard drive, or Blu-ray / DVD player for extended memory. Therefore, we analyze each device individually from the simplest point of view.

#2. Check Blu-ray / DVD Disc

In some cases, attempting to launch a game from a Blu-ray / DVD player may result in a CE-30005-8 error. This is usually a simple solution. Let’s first determine if this is the cause.

#3. Eject the disc

Skip this section if you know how to eject the disc from the player properly. This is mainly for beginners.

There are two ways to eject the disc. The first method is to do it manually using the PS4 power button eject button on the tray. Another option is to click on the Dual Shock 4 “Options” button when highlighting the game in the “Start” menu. If so, you have the “Delete Disk” option.

#4. Disk cleaning

Disk cleaning

Check the bottom of the CD now, and you will most likely see dirt (easy to clean) or scratches.

To clean the dirty tray, use a lint-free cloth to wipe the wire from the inner ring to the outer edge.

For more information on this process, visit the Sony website.


#5. Now check if it works

Insert a blank disc into PS4 and check if the same error code CE-30005-8 as before is displayed.

You can also try other PS4 game discs or Blu-ray movies to see if the problem is related to a video game or Blu-ray player.

If this solution is not for you and you think you can not solve the problem, please contact your nearest game dealer, and you have the service to repair the disc for $ 5 It can be used.

#6. Check external hard drive

If you try to get more CE-30005-8 errors from the external hard drive or try to launch the game/application in the game, it needs to be fixed, which means that it is not working.

This error usually occurs after PS4 detects and approves an external hard drive. Therefore, the PS4 external hard drive will work properly until this error occurs.

If the external hard drive does not show, the problem is not serious. Most of them are bad areas that affect the functionality of the device and need to be eliminated.

#7. Check your internal hard drive

If the error refers to an internal PS4 device, it may be more serious. In general, don’t worry too much if you can’t hear the hard drive. These are bad areas that prevent the device from functioning properly.

Resetting the PS4’s internal hard drive is the same as restoring an external hard drive. All you have to do is connect the drive to your computer / MAC using an external USB drive.

If you have already fixed the PS4 hard drive, consider upgrading or replacing the more stable and reliable hard drive.

#8. Delete game data

Delete game data

If you still have errors after creating all the proposed solutions, try erasing the game data and restoring it to disk.

For this reason, if you are a member of Playstation Plus, you must first create a backup of the data stored on the USB storage device or online cloud service.

Both of these parameters are in the Settings menu. You can find the “Settings” menu by clicking “Start” and moving to the right.

Next, you need to select “Application Save Control Data” and then “Data saved in System memory.”

When complete, select the offending game and press the options button until Delete appears. Replace game data from hard drive. This must be done automatically.

Next, restore saved data from the online PlayStation Plus device or USB device using the Saved Data Management option of the application in the Settings menu.

#9. Rebuild the PS4 database

Rebuild the PS4 database

Restoring a PS4 database may resolve this issue and resolve the issue.

This is a very simple process, but it can take several hours.

Process stage

Follow these steps to restore the PS4 database successfully.

  1. Turn off PS4 completely (i.,e. not in sleep mode).
  2. After turning off the power, keep pressing the power button. If it beeps twice, leave it as it is. One is the first sound and the other is seven seconds. This will start PS4 in safe mode.
  3. Connect the DualShock 4 controller to the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller. If the PS4 does not recognize the driver, you can connect a “power only” USB cable. Use the one that came with the controller.
  4. Click Restore Database. It warns that this may take several hours.

#10. Disable the mods

Some players have confirmed that disabling this recently added change will correct this error code. This solution is not suitable for all users, but it is worth trying.


If an error message is displayed: The application can not be started (CE-30005-8), a hardware error has occurred. If none of the above solutions are effective, you will need to use PS4 technology. Only he can understand why PS4 acts like this.

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