Socket Error 10060 Connection Timed Out Error [Fixed]

Connect Error 10060 is a connection-timeout error that occurs when trying to connect to the web, such as when the system can not connect to the Internet Service Provider mail server in the required period of time. This error often occurs when you try and connect in PASV mode that prefers PORT for data connections to a server.

Another source for this problem could be the fact that it is connected to a slow proxy. Regardless of what the underlying cause of the error is, this is what you can do to solve the problem.

What is Connect Error 10060?

A 10060 timeout error in a Windows Winsock connection occurs when you try to access a site that is experiencing a high volume of visitors or when you try to connect to a server that does not exist. Microsoft has a patch that you can download (see the References section) and run to resolve this problem.

But by taking some simple steps on your own and editing the information on your computer’s registry, you can quickly resolve the problem without downloading and installing any software.

Error messages:

  • Winsock 10060
  • Winsock error # 10060
  • Win32 error 10060 anydesk
  • A connection to the Win32_10060 anydesk network could not be made.

Causes of Connect Error 10060

There are many causes why we can receive the message socket error 10060 connection wait time exhausted. Among them, we can highlight a bad connection, high latency, the server does not exist, etc. But we will not delve into the causes and if in the final way to solve this error.

As mentioned earlier, this error usually occurs because you are using a proxy server and there is not enough time for the connection to load the web page. This, in turn, causes the connection to run out.

How to identify Socket Error 10060 on your system?

First things first: how do you know you are dealing with Socket Error 10060? There are some things you can look for to recognize this problem.

A pretty obvious sign is the following message that appears on the screen when you try to connect to the Internet through a proxy server:

Another potential problem could be an inability of the browser to display the web page, in which case you should try to simply refresh that page (or wait a bit to see if the problem is solved) or open the file: // home page and then search for any useful information there.

A variation of the error message shown above is “10060 – Connection timeout”, which basically informs you of the same problem.

Finally, there is one more message that accompanies the same problem again, but this time it takes a totally different form, and that is “HTTP Error 404404 Not Found”.

In this case, the server can not obtain the file or script that you requested. In the beginning, you can try to update the page or verify if you have entered the correct URL. Usually, it’s as simple as that. However, if this is not enough to solve the problem, you should talk to your system administrator about it.

How to fix socket error 10060

Since the causes of this problem are several, it is normal to have different solutions. Below you will find the solution that repairs in almost 100% of cases the problem and others that serve as complementation.

Since Socket Error 10060 is related to the time it takes your browser to load a particular web page, one thing you could do to solve the problem is to increase the time limit required by the proxy service to load that web page.

If you have never done it and you have no idea where to start, do not fear, we are here to help you! Follow the guide we are about to outline, and you should be able to complete the task in a short time.

However, before you begin, it would be a good idea first to back up the log files. By doing this, you are protecting yourself against any kind of problem you may encounter along the way and, therefore, you can be sure that, whatever happens, you will always have the original configuration to fall back on. Well, here is what you should do next:

# Fix 1: Registry Edit

1. Go to Start, then Run, and type “regedit” followed by clicking OK.

2. Now find this registry subkey:


3. Once you have selected that, click on RequestTimeoutSecs and then click on the Modify button.

4. Click on the decimal and modify the figure for the load time of the web page. If you are not sure what the value should be, we suggest at least 180.

5. Again, press the OK button and then restart your computer to complete the process.

With this, the connection timeout problem must be fixed. If you continue to receive the same error even after following these steps, try increasing the load time of the web page to at least 300.

Fix 2: Registry Edit (option 2)

1. Open the ” Registry Editor ” by clicking on the “Start” menu and then selecting “Run.” Type “Regedt32.exe” in the “Run” dialog box and click “OK.” Now you should see the ” Registry Editor “window.

2. Open the “Edit” menu and click on “Add value.”

3. Write the following information in the following window that appears:

4. Value name: TcpMaxDataRetransmissions Value type: REG_DWORD – Number Valid range: 0 – 0xFFFFFFFF Default value: 5 Decimal New value: 10 Decimal

5. Click on “OK.”

6. Close the ” Registry Editor ” and restart the computer. Test your connectivity once the computer has completely rebooted to see if the error occurs “10060 – Timeout has run out”.

Option 3: Solve socket error 10060 by proxy

1. Press the « Windows + R «keys.

2. Now, in the window that opens, type ” inetcpl.cpl ” and press ” Enter.”

3. Click on the « Connections » tab of the « Properties: Internet «window.

4. Click on the « LAN Configuration «button.

5. Uncheck the box ” Use a proxy server for the LAN ” and click on ” Accept.”

6. Check that the error has disappeared.



How to fix socket error 10060 Citrix

Many have experiences socket error 10060 Citrix NetApp while trying to a Microsoft ‘Remote Desktop’. If you are trying to connect to our desktop in the office and getting the Socket Error as below

Unable to connect the server contact your system administrator with following error: there is no Citrix Xenapp server configured on the specified server. (Socket error 10060)


Socket error 10060 on

This Published remote desktop application would be available on one or more servers.  If it is multiple servers, Citrix will automatically load your session to another appropriate server. If waiting to try again doesn’t fix the socket error 10060 on Citrix. Here are a few fixes to try before contacting your IT support or Citrix.

  • If there is an Antivirus software installed, try to disable it then test again.
  • Check your firewall to make sure ports 1494 and 2598 are open

Sometimes, Citrix could not be configured properly or has no servers assigned. This is an external Citrix Workspace error and therefore you would need to engage your company IT/Citrix support team to address the problem. This would be most cases as it would be an error from your IT workplace.


Final notes

This type of error causes that the fps of the games go down, that Gmail, Outlook Express, Opera, Office 365, Windows 7, 8, 10, delphy, etc. give problems. In general, the parameters mentioned above must be modified to get a connection, but it does not always work, since the error may come from something alien to us.

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