ERR_CONNECTION_RESET- Common Error In Chrome

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET- Common Error In Chrome

Over the years the offer of the web has not only grown in volume but also variety, and today you only need an Internet connection, a computer capable of connecting and a web browser to explore an apparently infinite network.

But this qualitative increase in supply leads to increasing complexity.

The technical requirements of web applications are now much higher than those simple static websites that characterized Internet in its early years so that the probability of occurrence errors in both the client side and server It is also higher.

When this happens, the error messages report their origin, albeit in an encrypted form, so that the vast majority of Internet users do not get anything clear. Next, we reveal what ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error means and how it can be solved.



When trying to open a web page, the browser shows the message ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, and it does so to inform that the connection could not be established correctly and, consequently, it has been “reset,” that is, it has been restored at the beginning.

This error, which usually has the code 101, is very common in Google Chrome, but other browsers, such as Firefox or Explorer, also emit similar messages (“The connection was reset”) to indicate this connection problem.

However, unlike what happens with HTTP errors, this error message does not yield clear conclusions about whether the cause of the problem lies on the client, server or network side.

Technically what happens is that when establishing the connection with the requested page, the browser receives a FIN package (from English “to finish”, “finalize”) instead of a response package to the use.

This packet is the one used by the transmission control protocol (TCP), the standard transport protocol of the web, to announce the end of a connection to the client.

Normally this FIN package usually follows a connection that has been in effect for a certain period of time, which in the case of our error does not happen.

How can the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET be resolved?

Error 101 of Chrome, Firefox, etc., occurs whenever the browser manages to locate the web server, but the connection can not be established.

As it happens in the case of other problems in the network, there are several sources of error that can be considered and this means that there is no universal solution to solve the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

If you face this error and can not solve it by refreshing the page, the only thing you can do is try each of the solutions until you find the definitive one. These are the most effective.


Check the operation of the website, the browser and the system

Before entering the installation of the browser and the system, check the functionality of the page you tried to access by opening another one in the browser.

If error 101 does not occur, this indicates that the problem is limited to that particular page. To rule out that neither the browser nor the system is responsible for the interruption of the connection.

Use a different browser: if you can open the web application with Firefox, for example, you can discard a server-side problem.

If after trying different options you have reached the conclusion that the error has to do with the administration of the web (it is the only page that gives problems regardless of the browser) you should contact your administrator.

Because this way not only you notify him of the problem, but you could obtain information about the current state of the matter.


Check the proxy settings

One of the common causes of ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error is related to the proxy server defined in the Internet settings, which could be blocking the connection.

It may have been added automatically through plugins or addons installed in the browser. In this case, the simplest solution is to inspect the proxy configuration and deactivate access to the proxy if necessary.

Open the Control Panel in Windows and go to the ” Internet Options” section.

If you can not find the Internet settings in the Control Panel of your computer, this could be due to the fact that the category view is activated. In this case, it changes to the view by icons  

Now go to the Connections tab and click on the LAN Settings button.

In the “Connections” tab in the Windows Internet settings, you can configure the connection by VPN or by telephone

With this, you will have reached the menu where the current proxy settings of your system are located. If you find an entry in the category “Proxy Server” you should make it invalid by unchecking the box in ” Use proxy server for LAN.”


If you can not use the box to turn the proxy server on or off, you should do an immediate malware check or contact your system administrator

Save the changes by clicking “OK” and try to open the problematic page again.


Some browsers, such as Firefox, and certain extensions for Chrome have their own proxy settings, which is independent of the system. In this case, to resolve the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, the proxy must be deactivated, or the conflicting extensions must be deleted in the browser.


Clear browser cache

In the browser’s cache, not only passwords, cookies and download history are temporarily saved, but also data about the visited pages. If you are a habitual user of the page that you were not able to open.

it may be that the cache contains information that no longer corresponds to the current version of the web and for this reason was responsible for blocking the connection.

As the browser cache can be emptied in a few steps, you can check if this is your problem. In Chrome, open the configuration menu on the icon of the three points, go to ” Tools” and there select ” Clear browser data” :

The Chrome settings menu can also be opened by typing chrome: // settings / in the browser’s address bar

Chrome will present the different categories of data stored in the temporary memory. To solve the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, mark all the categories and make sure that ” All periods” appears as a time interval.

Because only in this way will the cache be completely emptied when you finally press the ” Delete data” button.

Saving images and files in the browser’s cache helps the pages that are visited frequently load faster. When the cache is empty, these pages take longer than usual to load.


Delete the entries in the Winsock catalog

Windows users can resolve the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET by removing the entries in the Winsock catalog, interface and system application whose function is to allow programs to establish connections through TCP / IP on Windows operating systems.

Winsock creates in its own catalog entries of all the connections that have been established, and that could hinder access to the page that wants to open.

This file can be easily deleted from the command terminal if you have administrator permissions.

If you have them, open the start menu by clicking on the Windows icon, go to ” All Programs” and from there to ” Accessories.” Click with the right mouse button on the ” Command console” (cmd.exe) and run it as administrator (” Run as administrator” ):

The Winsock catalog can not be restored without administrator permission

Started the command terminal as administrator, use this command to clean the catalog and return it to its initial point:

netsh winsock reset

If the operation is successful, you will receive confirmation that Winsock has been restored. Now you will only have to restart the system for the changes to take effect.


Restart the router

Connection errors such as 101 can be solved many times by restarting the network device with which the connection to the Internet is established.

This is done either by turning off the device or by temporarily unplugging it from the power supply if there is no on/off button.

Wait at least half a minute for the memory to empty and reconnect the router to the power. Try now to open the page.


Temporarily disable the firewall and the antivirus

Real-time exams and filtering rules ensure that your system is always protected against unauthorized access and harmful software.

But can also contribute to the blocking of web applications – or, more accurately, their IP addresses – that do not represent any risk for the team. This could also cause an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

If you are completely sure that the page you wanted to visit is reliable, then consider temporarily disabling the security software you are using.

If you can open the page, then you will know what the cause of the connection reset is. In this case, a possible solution would be to reinstall the software or use a firewall or a different antivirus program, although you could also check if you have the necessary knowledge if the IP address appears in the program’s blacklist and delete it if so.

Contact the Internet provider

Not only does your computer use a firewall to protect itself from all Internet threats, but your Internet provider also uses its own firewall systems, which automatically block certain IP addresses for all clients or for clients in some countries.

If so far none of these proposals mentioned has helped you to solve the problem, and you should contact your provider and ask if you have blocked the page you wanted to visit.

If so, you can request that you lift the blockade, although you should know that you are not required to satisfy your request.

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