How to fix NET:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID Your Connection Is Not Secure Error?


How to fix NET:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALIDThe message NET:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID signals that Chrome “considers” the requested site to be insecure. He “doubts” the authenticity of the SSL certificate of the resource.

You can ignore this crash and continue to visit the page by going to “Details” => “Go to the infected site.” In this case, no one guarantees that your computer will not be affected by viruses.

Indeed, lately, the HTTPS protocol, which protects your personal information when you connect to the site, has begun to gain popularity (the protocol allows you to encrypt data so that hackers cannot access it).

As a rule, in most cases, the appearance of this error does not mean hacking of your PC by hackers, the problem usually lies in the user’s software (Windows, browser, etc. – can be the cause of this behavior). Below I will discuss several ways to eliminate this error …

Causes of error NET:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID and Fixes

Old windows os

The most common cause of  NET:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID error about an unprotected connection is associated with the use of old software, which is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

On more than half of the PCs associated with this error, which I happened to see, they worked on Windows XP.

Note: by the way, if an error occurs, a note is written at the bottom of the error window, usually something like NET:: ERR_CERT_INVALID …

Therefore, if this is the case, check the following:

  • if you have Windows XP 32 bit – then install the SP3 package (as a rule, all collections with Windows XP were earlier than SP2, and they often stand on the PC);
  • if you have Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP 64 bit – install the SP2 package that supports the SHA-256 algorithm.

Clearing DNS Cache

Your Connection Is Not Secure ErrorFurther, what I recommend to do is to clear the DNS cache (may affect the operation of the network, including this error). To do this, you will need to open a command prompt (in some cases you will need administrator rights).

For this:

  • press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager (you can also use the combination Ctrl + Alt + Del);
  • then click file / new task ;
  • type cmd, check ” create the task with administrator rights ” and press Enter.
  • At the command prompt, type ipconfig / flushdns and press Enter;
  • Type ipconfig / registerdns and press Enter;
  • Then Type ipconfig / release and press Enter;
  • Type ipconfig / renew and press Enter;
  • Finally, type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.

Next, restart your computer and try to restart the browser and open the page …

The problem with time // setting the current date and time

Note: I recommend to fix the time, even for those who have everything, at first glance, is set correctly. The fact is that the browser (for any failure) may mistakenly consider your time to be incorrect.

It is also quite often that the problem of the appearance of such an error is related to the wrong time on your computer (by the way, the error code will be Net:: ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID).

To open the date and time setting, you need:

  • press the Win + R buttons ;
  • In the Run window that opens, enter the timedate.cpl command and press Enter (see the screen below).
  • Next, click “Change date and time,” and enter the real values. Save the settings.
  • Then try again to open the page in the browser.

Tip! If you often get lost time on the computer – perhaps you have a battery on the motherboard (in general, its life is quite long, but still, I recommend checking it out).

Problem with antivirus software

Some antivirus applications can block and disrupt the browser (and even very popular and popular antivirus software). I recommend at the time of checking and browser settings – disable antivirus.

A case from practice. A similar error began to appear after installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus. The fact is that when it is installed, the Kaspersky Protection extension is installed. The following helped: disabling the extension, then reinstalling the browser (uninstalling and then installing again), then activating the extension again.

Note (for an extension search) : Settings / Protection / Web Anti-Virus / Advanced Settings. The item “Automatically activate the Kaspersky Protection extension in all web browsers.”

Extensions block access to the site

From the previous advice, this one follows: open the Chrome settings (to do this, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen), then the extension tab and check if there are any extensions of a “protective” nature (or those associated with the network). Pay special attention to extensions from antiviruses …

In general, disable ALL extensions for a while and check if the browser is working.

I will also give one piece of advice, try switching the browser to incognito mode – press Ctrl + Shift + N. If the page opens in this mode, then the problem is almost certainly connected either with the browser itself or with its extensions.

Chrome browser crashes

In some cases it helps to solve the problem banal way: first, remove the browser completely from the PC, and then install it again.

I recommend performing this procedure in the Iobit UnInstaller program. The fact is that many programs leave behind themselves “tails” in the registry, old files on the disk, etc. And this utility can perform powerful scans (after deletion) and find residues that also need to be removed.

Outdated certificate

The error “Your connection is not secure” may appear in Chrome due to the fact that the certificate on the site itself is outdated. The fact is that the certificate itself (whatever it was) – is being tested by the browser, and if the browser knows nothing about it (for example) – you will see a similar error …

In this case, try clicking on the “Advanced” link, then you should see the link “go to the site.” If it is – click! The site should open.

Perhaps it is worth changing the browser / Windows?

err_cert_date_invalidI, of course, understand that the Chrome browser is one of the best browsers. But maybe it’s worth replacing it with something else? At least for a while, until a solution is found.

For example, in the browsers, Firefox, Opera, IE – this error appears much less frequently (or does not appear at all).

Well, and the last, perhaps it is worth replacing the Windows? Although this advice has already become a household name, every second user here recommends that you reinstall Windows if something is not working …

That’s all.

If you solved your problem with this error in another way – I would appreciate your addition in the comment.

Good luck!

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