How To Delete A Page On Google Docs

How To Delete A Page On Google Docs

How To Delete A Page On Google Docs

MS Word or Google Docs: Add content to this document and press the Enter button at the bottom of the page to automatically create a new page.

You may not need this page to remove the text format without breaking it completely.

Removing the last blank page at the end of the entire content is much easier than removing the blank page in the middle of the document without breaking the form.

Please follow the simple steps below to delete blank pages on Google Docs.

Delete a blank page at the end of the document

  1. Open Google Docs and add content.
  2. In this example, when you reach the end of the first or last page of the document and press the Enter key, a new page is automatically created.

When you reach the bottom of the content page, your text may end somewhere in the middle of the page. In this case, no new page is created.

However, if the content ends with the last line of the page, it is very likely that a blank page will be created.

  1. There are two ways to delete this page.
  2. Number 1. To delete the blank page at the end of the document, move the mouse to the last page until the icon/text bar is displayed as shown below.

This is to ensure that it does not exist on other pages. To delete a page, you need a text string on the page.

The other thing is to make sure that the cursor is on top of this page. To do this, simply press the back button on your keyboard.

This will delete the last page and move the text line after the last word on the previous page.

  1. Method number 2 for deleting the last page is the cursor on the last line after clicking the last word on this page.

When the text bar appears, click the Delete button on the keyboard. The blank area on the blank page moves backward and removes the blank page.

Delete a blank page at the center of the document

1.If the document contains blank pages,

Blank pages do more than just appear at the bottom of the document. Sometimes they are created randomly somewhere in the middle of the content.

In this case, you can perform the operations described in the previous section. But this takes a long time. You need to press the Delete key or delete it until the blank page fills the text of the next page.

From a technical point of view, instead of deleting the page, fill in the blanks of the text contained on the page.

Clicking Backspace or Delete on these blank pages in the center of the content page will not delete the blank pages, but will modify the text on the blank pages.

  1. Remove blank pages between content pages. You need to drag the cursor to select a blank page, for example when selecting a word or phrase. Exit after selecting the entire blank page. See how you did it for my example.

Selects the entire blank page from the first line to the last line. This is the only way to remove blank pages, not at the end of the document.

  1. Once you have selected a blank page, just press the delete or rewrite button on your keyboard. The black side disappeared as if it were not there.

You can use this method to delete blank pages completely, just as you can press the backspace key to delete the last page with the keyboard.

If it’s difficult to remove Google Docs blank pages in any of these ways, there are other ways to avoid creating blank pages completely.

When you reach the end of the previous content page, be sure to finish bidding before automatically adding a new page below.

When adding the last point, do not press the Enter key on the keyboard. This helps you without having to create a new page.

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