Why Samsung TV Won’t Turn On And How To Fix It Yourself

Why Samsung TV Won’t Turn On And How To Fix It Yourself

Why Samsung TV Won’t Turn On And How To Fix It Yourself

The equipment, produced by the famous South Korean brand Samsung, has always been considered one of the most reliable.

However, even premium class devices are not protected from damage. Naturally, this also applies to television equipment.

Mostly, if a component of the hardware component fails.

Then you should seek help from qualified service center specialists since an ordinary user cannot replace a faulty module by himself.

Less significant problems can be fixed by yourself. For these special skills and tools are not required.

The first and, perhaps, the most important stage of repair work is to find out why the Samsung TV does not turn on.

The diagnostic results will show the cause of the failure. Therefore, the user will be able to make a final decision regarding the subsequent actions.

Depending on the complexity of the malfunction, you need to fix it yourself or contact a specialist.

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1 problem search algorithm

2 How to solve the problem yourself?

2.1 Check TV mode

2.2 Check the remote

2.3 Check outlet

2.4 Another source selected

3 When to contact a service center

3.1 TV does not turn on with the panel button

3.2 LED is red

3.3 The indicator is green, but the TV does not turn on

3.4 Indicator blinks regularly

3.5 TV turns on for a very long time

Problem search algorithm

To determine why Samsung does not turn on, you first need to inspect the device for external damage and only then proceed to the diagnosis of the hardware component.

Step by step algorithm for finding problems:

  1. Check the operation of the outlet.
  2. Assess the condition of the power cable, inspect it for kinks, scuffs.
  3. Carefully consider the body of the TV, it is possible that the whole thing in the mechanical damage to the panel.
  4. Inspect the ICE matrix, the main indicator of the failure of this part – broken pixels.
  5. If any hardware component burns out, it will smell like burning.
  6. Subject to the presence of a special screwdriver, loosen the screws holding the back panel of the TV device. Visually inspect the boards; mechanical or thermal damage to the circuits is not excluded.
  7. Channels switch with a delay or not scrolling at all. In this case, it makes sense to install software updates. The Tizen operating system is decent software, but it is not without flaws.  

More thorough diagnostics can only be carried out by certified specialists who know the base modules location system and have professional equipment at their disposal: spacers, multimeter, oscilloscope, etc.

If the TV does not turn on, and the indicator blinks, then the problem lies in the power supply.

Breakdowns of this type will be difficult to repair.

How to solve the problem yourself?

Now consider the situation in which the repair of the TV with their own hands, Samsung absolutely does not harm the situation. Therefore, you can easily figure it out yourself.

  1. Problems with setting the standby mode the display turn off, but in Standby the device continues to function. In this case, you need to pay attention to the panel LED, as a rule, it lights up red, being in standby mode. To start the TV, it’s enough just to get out of the standby mode, to do this, press the power button on the front panel of the device or the remote control.
  2. You have broken remote control. First, you need to change the batteries, and also check all the keys. You can always download a special application on your smartphone – TV-remote so that you can switch channels and adjust the volume using the most ordinary phone.
  3. Broken socket. If the indicator does not light up on the control panel, connect the TV to an alternate power source. After that, you can continue to use the device.
  4. Watching TV is unavailable. It is likely that the emergence of this failure is caused by the activation of AV, HDMI or wireless internet connection. As a result, an image from a mobile device or laptop is displayed on the screen. To resume watching terrestrial TV, simply turn off all devices.
  5. Low signal strength. Due to a weak signal, only a black screen is visible on the TV screen, often due to adverse weather conditions: excessive precipitation, thunderstorms, etc. Do not rush to take any action, and it is likely that the broadcast will resume in a few hours.

To independently determine why the TV does not turn on, you do not need specialized equipment. Now let’s analyze the main breakdowns that users encounter most often.

Check TV mode

Part of this topic has already been addressed earlier, but for now, we will consider it in more detail. First, you need to check in which mode the television equipment is now.

Standby – standby mode, its activation is indicated by a red indicator on the main panel. To resume TV broadcasting, you need to exit the standby mode.

Experts strongly recommend not to leave the TV in this mode for a long time. The thing is that the power supply circuits remain active, that is, they are energized.

This means that if there is a voltage drop in the network, the supply circuits will burn out. Of course, in the end, the TV device will not turn on.

Thus, we figured out why TV does not turn on, and you just need to deactivate Standby mode.

In addition, be sure to turn off the TV by pressing the ” Power ” button, which is located on the front panel, in order to eliminate the possibility of a power failure.

Check the remote

Check the remote

Why doesn’t the remote control work? First, you need to replace the batteries.

Then you should check the keys, perhaps some of them stick, work only after a few clicks.

In the event that the channels do not turn on the first time, then the problem probably lies in the breakdown of the infrared sensor.

Such faults occur due to mechanical damage or liquid ingress on the device.

To control the TV again from the remote, you need to buy a new one or replace it with a smartphone.

After downloading and installing a special application, which we have already mentioned.

Socket test

Socket test

If the indicator is not lit, and the device does not start up either from the remote control or from the key on the front panel.

Then you need to check the operation of the outlet. It is likely that the TV does not turn on because of it.

Of course, you must first connect the equipment to an alternative power source (to another outlet or extension cord).

if there is no result, then contact the service center, as you will definitely not be able to repair the power supply system elements.

Another source selected

If you want to watch on-air TV, but there is no image, then check whether you have chosen the signal source correctly.

It is likely that an HDMI cable is connected to the TV, in which case it must be turned off and the connection to the antenna activated.

When you need to contact the service center

A professional engineer can only remove hardware breakdown of the Samsung TV. An ordinary user will be able to solve problems of external character; therefore.

Independently disassembling a device is by no means the best idea.

Software failures Samsung Smart TV is also not always possible to eliminate their own hands.

To update the firmware, you must first download it and save it on a USB flash drive or the built-in hard disk. Not every user will cope with this task.

Service center engineers have at their disposal special equipment, and also know how to disassemble the TV properly. Now consider the situations in which you need to contact the masters.

The TV does not turn on with the panel button

The TV does not turn on with the panel button

If the TV does not start after pressing the power button located on the panel, you should pay attention to the standby indicator.

For example, if it is turned off when the button is pressed, this indicates the activation of the internal lock.

It is not necessary to exclude breakages of the button itself or the loop providing the connection.

If, when pressed, the button literally falls inside the panel and does not click, then it needs to be changed. You absolutely cannot do it yourself, so you just need to call the wizard.

The indicator is red

If the light is red, but the TV does not turn on, it means that it is in standby mode. How to fix this problem, we have already figured out.

In some situations, the indicator lights up green but then turns red again. This indicates that the central processor was formed and sent to other modules the incoming signal to turn on.

Due to the fact that one of the nodes is broken, the command is not executed. For example, the problem lies in the power supply, so the TV does not start.

The central processor does not receive confirmation of the execution of the command, and as a result, it cancels the signal to turn on the TV, returning the device to sleep mode.

The LED can constantly change color, but the TV never turns on. The cause of the fault is an inverter or a transistor. It is necessary to contact the service center so that the specialists change the faulty modules.

The indicator is green, but the TV does not turn on

If the indicator is green, but the TV does not turn on, then the experts conduct a thorough diagnosis.

The test begins with testing the motherboard; in particular, the incoming voltage is measured with the help of special equipment.

In addition, the execution of commands for the backlighting of indicators, turning on the TV, etc. is being tested.

When the light comes on, indicating that it is working, but there are no signals from the main board, this may signal problems with the software.

Try to turn on the device with a remote control or by pressing a button located on the main panel.

Hardware failure of the motherboard is fixed by replacing the defective component.

If the voltage is a complete order, then the specialists will reset the user settings, and then install the updated software.

The indicator flashes regularly

A constantly flashing light is a failure indicator, but you need to specify the problem, which is very difficult.

To determine the cause of the appearance of a blinking indicator on the TV, a comprehensive diagnosis is carried out.

Using an oscilloscope, the power adapter is checked, and the efficiency of the converter located on the motherboard is also tested.

A red light often flashes due to voltage problems. For example, a short circuit has occurred in the contact circuit.

The TV turns on for a very long time

If the television equipment turns on for an unusually long time, this indicates a malfunction of a certain node.

For example, if you use a device with a liquid crystal matrix, the factors will differ significantly from the same LED models.

Determining why TV does not work well and does not turn on right away is unusually difficult, especially if you do not have experience in repairing equipment.

Given the circumstances, it is more expedient to contact the service center, whose employees will be able to quickly determine the cause of the malfunction and normalize the correct operation of the device.

They use not only professional equipment but also licensed software.

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