How to Troubleshoot NW-2-5 Error in Netflix In 5 Minutes

How to Troubleshoot NW-2-5 Error in Netflix In 5 Minutes

 NW-2-5 Error in NetflixThe NW-2-8 error is a very common problem of Netflix, but very easy to solve.

It means that there are problems in the Internet connection of the connected device or network limitations, be it a video game, a computer or even on the TV.

We understand that it is very annoying when you want to watch a movie or series and an error is displayed on the screen that does not allow you to access the desired app.

Are you wanting to watch that series or movie that you do not want, but is Netflix causing you a headache?

Note that a connection problem usually causes this Netflix NW-2-5 error.

That is, the connection to the internet is preventing the device from connecting to the streaming service. Check out, then how to solve Netflix’s NW-2-5 error:

It is important to mention that these solutions can be realized in devices such as Blu-Ray, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Roku, Decoder or online transmission device, Smart TV,

Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Here’s how to fix Netflix’s NW-2-5 error

Solution 1. Which network are you connected to?

If you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network at work, school, hotel, or hospital:

You must contact your network administrator to verify that the network blocks Netflix.

It is important to note that generally on public networks, bandwidth is limited.

If you are accessing a cellular data network or satellite connection, try to access another network and test.

Step 1. If you are connected to a hotel, school, library, work, or any other public network, contact your network administrator. It is possible that the establishment is limiting access to Netflix.

Step 2. Whether you are using Netflix on your mobile phone or a satellite Internet, connect to another type of network.

According to the company of streaming, these connections present slower than usual and this can prevent the operation of the service.

Solution 2. Make sure the device is connected to the Internet

Of course, first, you need to check if the device is connected to the internet. Also, check if another service or app that uses the internet is connected on the internet.

If the other app was able to connect to the internet, contact the device manufacturer for help. If you still can not connect, please do the following:

  • Restart your device: Switch off the appliance for at least 1 minute. With the unit unplugged, press the power button to unplug it. Then plug the appliance back into the wall outlet. Turn the unit on with the On / Off button. and finally, try to access Netflix again.
  • Restart the home network: First, turn the machine off, then remove the modem and router from the power outlet and wait for 30 seconds. Then turn on the modem and wait for the indicator lights to stop blinking. Then turn on the router, wait until the lights stop blinking. Turn on the device and try watching Netflix.

Solution 3. Connect the device directly to the modem

The problem may also be caused due to the wireless router. Therefore, try to connect the device without using the router.

After eliminating the router as a possible cause of the connection problem, it will be easier to identify the actual problem.

How to connect the device directly to the modem:

  • Turn the machine off and then connect it directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable. Then unplug the modem and wait for 30 seconds. Finally, plug the modem into the outlet again and wait for the indicator lights to stop blinking. And finally, turn the power on and try to watch online again.
  • If you were able to connect directly to Netflix through the modem, your router is probably causing the error. That is, this means that if you bypass the router, you will be able to watch online now. However, if this is not the best solution, contact your network administrator and ask to reconfigure the router.

Solution 4. Test the network connection speed

The speed of the Internet may also be the cause of the NW-2-5 error.

To verify this, access the TechTudo speedometer on your PC, mobile phone.

Tablet or another device to check the speed of the connection. When you open the page, just click on the speed test button.

According to Netflix, recommended speeds for using the service are: 3 Mbps for SD (DVD quality) playback, 5 Mbps for HD resolution (720p) and 25 Mbps for UltraHD (4K – 2160p) movies.

The minimum connection speed for the site is 0.5 Mbps, and the recommended speed is 1.5 Mbps.

Solution 5. Restart the device

Step 1. Give the command to your device to restart, either through the system or the power button of the device.

If you experience the problem on your console, BluRay or Smart TV, remove the player from the power outlet;

Step 2. Wait one minute and reconnect the device. Open Netflix again and see if the problem is over. If not, follow the next solutions;

Solution 6. Disconnect the home network

Step 1. Go to your modem or router and unplug it. When all the lights go out, wait 20 to 30 seconds;

Step 2. Turn the modem on and wait for the lights to flash again.

After that, try opening Netflix again and watching a movie.

Solution 7. Replace the wireless network with the network cable

Step 1. Turn off your device again, and if it is near the modem, connect it with a network cable to one of the rear inputs of the disconnected router;

Step 2. Plug the modem back in, and when all the lights come on again, turn on your computer, TV, console, or another device. Open Netflix and try connecting again.

Note. If this solution works, your Wi-Fi router might be in trouble.

Otherwise, try to replace the modem orcontact the modem manufacturer for questions.

Solution 8. Improve the Wi-Fi signal and check for interference

Option 1. If the modem is too far from the device, check that it is possible to bring it closer to the connection location.

Another way out is to buy a router and set it up as a Wi-Fi repeater.

The user can better Wi-Fi and correct NW-2-5 viewing quantity of devices connected to the network (Photo: Reproduction / Elson de Souza)

Option 2. If you continue to have problems, make sure others are not using your Wi-Fi network.

Also, try switching your wireless network channel.

Solution 9. Call a technician to verify the Wi-Fi network

If all the measurements did not work and you still can not see anything on Netflix, it’s best to invite a technician.

If you do not suspect that this is a problem with your modem or router, call someone who deals with wireless networks.

If you think the problem is related to your service provider, call the service center.

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