3 Benefits of In-House Tech Resources Over Agencies


Once upon a time, when a business needed tech support, they would look to the job market and hire a fresh-faced grad to help them out and provide new ideas. Today, however, businesses have access to a pool of freelance talent and tech agencies ready to provide project-basis support. This has attracted lots of interest because businesses can:

  • Pay for productivity and results rather than working hours
  • Avoid having to pay employee fees, such as holiday pay, sick pay and maternity costs
  • Avoid expensive recruitment costs (and save time!)
  • Easily find tech agencies thanks to the internet and freelancing websites

But despite these benefits, not every industry is choosing the cheaper, less time-consuming and seemingly better option. Sometimes still choosing to hire in-house remains the best course of action for certain companies.

In fact, only recently, a spokesperson from PartyCasino eluded to this by saying they only employ tech experts directly through their business to ensure online gaming standards never slip. So employees take full ownership of their work. Outsourced tech agencies, by comparison, will also lack the firsthand overview of a company’s inner workings. However, there are some benefit if you choose to go down that route such as their range of expertise that can address the company’s immediate needs and problems that in-house tech teams may not be able to accomplish. However, they went on to say that digital companies benefit from in-house tech teams in ways that other industries do not.


Reasons Why Employ In-House Over Outsource to Agencies

#1: In House Tech allows for Bespoke Technical Solutions


Unlike other tech services, tech services on casino sites are usually much more niche and specific to online gaming. For example, game development is a technical skill that select professionals will possess rather than something that can be outsourced to a tech agency, for example, web development or fixing server errors.

High tech companies such as Microsoft and even in the Casino industry require much more specific tech talent to work on their products and services, and for that reason, they can struggle to find an agency that has what they are looking for. By employing in house, it is more likely that technology solutions are designed for your specific niche service.

#2: Abiding to Industry Regulations and Laws


All various industries have rules and regulations around what they need to abide by to ensure their products and services comply with the law. These companies include pubs, night clubs and casinos. If not, they could be fined heavily or even be stripped of their gambling licenses. These companies employ people in-house to ensure they are complying, such as compliance experts, lawyers and auditors.


The fairness of games and testing of software must be conducted to ensure compliance. As this is a specialist area that requires the technician to know industry legislation, it is wise to hire someone directly with industry experiences and knowledge.


#3: Cybersecurity Is Ongoing

Cybersecurity | Inhouse tech resources vs agencies
Cybersecurity issues for companies using Inhouse tech resources vs agencies

Any eCommerce website requires exceptional cybersecurity to build trust when visitors make a payment. This is especially true with online  platforms as players could leave large amounts of money in their wallet over time, or make payments with VISA, PayPal, cryptocurrency and others. One wrong move and one breach of their cybersecurity defences and their brand could be tarnished forever.


The need to keep on top of cybersecurity is an ongoing process for many websites, but certainly for companies that have digital services and products that need constant security monitoring and enhancements. There is a lot of cybersecurity, identity theft and virus attacks happening in this day and age and as a result, keeping these responsibilities in-house over outsourcing agencies ensures security for digital companies.


In-house Tech resources over Agencies Summary


There you have a summary of why in house tech teams can be more beneficial than outsourcing tech agencies. When deciding to use in-house resources or outsource to agencies, make sure to consider your project digital skills, scope, timeline budget and resourcing.

The benefits of in house tech resources means that companies will be able to have more control of the technology in regards to designing bespoke technology solutions and abiding by industry rules and regulations. Employees will also understand the inside outs of the company hence why less training will be required. Not to forget, by keeping their processes in-house also enhances the security of their website because the only people who know about the cybersecurity in place is trusted and vetted employees.






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