How to Fix Clownfish Not Working

How to Fix Clownfish Not Working

Clownfish is a language translator for many communication applications such as Skype, Discor.How to Fix Clownfish Not Working

There are many features, such as real-time translation in dozens of different languages and support for voice changes.

Clownfish is one of the most important voice exchange applications on the Internet.

Despite its popularity, clownfish sometimes make mistakes. An error will occur if Clownfish is not compatible with Skype.

In other cases, clownfish will not function completely on your computer.

For example, there are various reasons for this technical problem.

For example, the version of Skype is incompatible, or the microphones are not synchronized. We already mentioned many ways to solve this problem.

Start with the first one and continue.

FIx 1: Check the version of Skype

Check the version of Skype

Microsoft officially answered this question, claiming that computers without SSE2 commands are not compatible with the latest version of Skype.

If Skype is not completely compatible with your device, various features will not be activated.

SSE2 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 2) is one of the first Intel SIMD (single data multiplexed data) instruction sets with Pentium 4+.

Currently, SSE2 is almost universally applicable to the computer market. If you are using an older processor, you need to check the version of Skype installed on your computer.

Microsoft has officially announced that the new Skype app does not properly support Clownfish.

  • Launch the Skype app installed on your computer. When the application opens, click on the profile photo in the upper left corner of the window.
  • A new window is displayed. Select “About this version” from the list of options now.
  • Below are the details of the available versions will be presented. If you have an older computer, we recommend that you download version 7.5. We hope that you will be able to use Clownfish correctly after the release.

FIx 2: Set the microphone on clown fish

Set the microphone on clown fish

Clownfish uses a microphone to identify his voice, change it, and then receive user information to push it as expected.

Clownfish works fine if the microphone is not properly installed or the wrong driver is installed. Mike is installed after the clownfish app is opened.

Note: You also need to check if the microphone is working. Before making this decision, make sure to use a recording test or a Skype Echo test. These FIxs will not work if the microphone is not working properly or is not damaged.

  • Open the Clownfish app on your computer using the taskbar in the lower right corner. Also, right click on the icon and select “Settings.”
  • Here you can see all available units to change your list. Choose to work properly and click Install. After attaching the microphone, restart your computer to see if the current issue has been resolved.

Note: If you have already installed the device on Clownfish instead of the Install button, the Remove button will be available. Remove the device and reinstall it.

FIx 3: Update the clownfish version

Clownfish works hard to keep up with all the apps it offers (Discord, Skype, etc.). Frequent updates are still required to fix errors and incompatibilities.

You may be using the latest version of the communication application (such as Skype or Discord), but you have a previous version of Clownfish installed.

In this case, it can not be used under optimal conditions.

We recommend that you visit Clownfish’s official website, download the latest version and install accordingly. After installation, restart your computer to see if the current issue has been resolved.

Note: You can also start the computer in safe mode to see if the external application conflicts with Clownfish.

If Clownfish is operating in safe mode (as expected), this means that the problem is caused by a third party application. You can then filter the application by opening and typing each iteration.

If you find an application, delete it and restart your computer.

FIx 4: Install the application in the default folder

If Clownfish is still enabled, you can install the application in the default folder. By default, when installing the application on your computer.

It will refer to the original installation location provided by the installer. Many of you have not installed it on a standard block. Instead, select a unit other than D or E.

  • Click Windows + R, enter “appwiz.cpl” in the dialog and press Enter. Find Clownfish in the list of apps, right click and select Uninstall.
  • After cancellation, please visit the official website and download the latest version.
  • Run the installer now. If the installation path option is displayed, do not change the installation path. Click on Next. This is an example of installing on a 64-bit system. The location of 32-bit systems is slightly different.
  • After installation, restart your computer to see if the current issue has been resolved.

Note: If the problem persists, you should compete with antivirus.

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