How To Fix B200 Error In Canon Printers [Clear It Now]


b200 Canon printer error

Any Canon printer or MFP model may refuse to work and display an error code b200 on the computer screen.

But most often this happens with models that have a print head, not cartridges.

The manufacturer recommends that you turn off the printer and contact the service center.

Content of The Article

1 What fails

2 How to make the scanner work

3 Printing by individual cartridges

4 Error prevention

What fails

Although very rarely, only a power supply unit that has failed due to a voltage drop in the network can be guilty.

Sometimes this is determined visually by swollen capacitors. And if everything is okay, measure the nominal voltage of the power supply on the control board connector.

With a good power supply, at the moment when the button on the printer is pressed (without PG), in about 0.5 s the indicator corresponds to the norm (usually 24 and 32 V).

You can also connect the power supply to another Canon device that works for testing. It is not recommended to do the opposite; a new power supply may burn if the printer fails with it:

  • printhead;
  • control board.

In a case when BP is serviceable, it is necessary to take PG. If a b200 Canon printer error message appears on the computer screen, no doubt the control board is out of order.

However, most often the controller burns out along with the print head and replacing only this part is unlikely to solve the problem.

In addition, the cost of the GHGs and the control board, together with the price of a new Canon device, and most likely, will still have to buy a printer.

But, after extracting the PG, the error may disappear, and the message that appears informs about the absence of a head in the device and requires that it be installed.

Therefore, the management board is OK, but 100% guarantee cannot be given. There are cases when a new printhead burns along with the controller.

However, the chance that the code b200 concerned only PG, and the management board is working, still remains.

How to make the scanner work

How to make the scanner work

If this is a multifunctional Canon device, for example, PIXMA MP550, consider how to fix error b200 and use only a scanner.

The Canon controller, in working condition, polls the head sensors and if at least one of them fails.

It diagnoses the entire system as inoperative, reporting an error.

The figure indicates which PG contacts are responsible for printing certain cartridges.

For example, a pair in a green frame corresponds to ink nozzles in Cyan and Magenta colors, small drops of 1 and 2 pl.

Focusing on the picture, you need to glue all the contacts circled by rectangles, including dotted, insulating tape (you can not use adhesive tape).

Now the controller does not receive signals about the malfunction of any heaters and sensors and accepts the print head as intact, and the warning about b200 disappears.

This means that the GHG failed, and everything is in order with the control board. Can scan.

However, Canon printing technicians claim that if the printer had an error with code b200, damage to the controller occurred.

Let it not be out of order, and it will happen in the near future.

Printing single cartridges

Printing single cartridges

Continuing to study the malfunction, we remove one piece of electrical tape and each time install the head in the printer.

If the error code B200 does not appear, continue to unstick. When the error has occurred, we return the last piece of tape into place.

Thus, defective nozzles will remain sealed, and some cartridges will print:

  • only black;
  • only colored ;
  • black, colored drops 1 and 2 pl;
  • black, colored drops 5 pl.

Sometimes after a few days or hours, the printer stops showing an error message and starts working normally.

This happens because the detached and bridged conductors did not burn out the previous time, as is usually the case.

The protection system worked, and the GHG power supply was turned off. The Canon iX6840 can work without a b200 error for several months, or when it is turned on again, the dangling conductors will close again.

Error prevention

It happens that BP, PG or controller burn out as a result of voltage drops. The use of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that can correct the voltage and frequency of the output network is recommended.

However, in most cases, the error code B200 appears in the message as a result of overheating and the final failure of the Canon technology, occurring after:

  • print empty cartridges;
  • filling low-quality ink;
  • installation is not dried after flushing PG.

It’s hard to keep track of ink levels in an original opaque cartridge. It may be worth not turning off the ink level control function.

Especially if the whole family prints to the printer via Wi-Fi, without checking if the cartridges are full. You can install a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System).

However, in any case, it should be remembered that Canon thermo-jet printers cannot work without interruption, from time to time they need 15 minutes to rest.

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