Top 3 Ways to Get Leads with Data Enrichment

Getting leads with data enrichment tools will build deep and complex understandings of your potential customer to get them in the door quicker. When considering options to improve lead generation it is wise to start collect sets of information on a person or company that could become your customer – a lead is data and data helps get more leads. Data enrichment is a process of merging generally available data online on any given prospect with the information you already have in your CRM. To make sure that our data are fit for their purposes we must update and clean the datasets. This ensures for data enrichment to ensure you get maximal use of the data for lead generation or scoring and create personalized approaches and workflows in your customer acquisitions or sales strategies.

Making Your data richer

Information possessed by enterprises can always be improved. Raw data stored by a particular company is improved by data enrichment as it is supplemented and enhanced by data from an authoritative third-party source.

Combining company-owned data with that from other reliable sources, naturally, makes it richer in the sense that the end result is more information. But the datasets are also richer in a sense similar to the one meant when wine is described as “rich”. As the maturity of fruit and fullness of taste is sensed in rich wine, so is the enriched dataset riper with complete and useful information. As the gaps in data are filled, it is much easier by analysis to reach a better understanding of, for example, certain prospects and what needs to be done to attract them to the business.

Enriching the datasets also means checking and correcting the data there. Removing costly errors from the database makes both the data and its owners richer.

3 Ways of Data Enrichment for More Leads

It is quite easy to understand the general benefits of data enrichment. Now let us look at its advantages on a more particular level. This can be done by exploring what data enrichment does for what is one of the most important procedures for many businesses – lead generation.

Getting good leads is the very foundation of building a customer base and then expanding it as the business keeps growing. Thus, the importance of high-quality lead generation through ads and YouTube followers would be hard to overstate.

Here are 3 pivotal ways how data enrichment provides a decisive advantage in getting leads. You can also use data enrichment tools provide to auto-populate and automate such information as their email, phone number, title, city, and more. Data enrichment tools source and populate this information, providing you more insights and understanding on your potential customers. You can use that data to create personalized approaches and workflows in your customer acquisitions or sales strategy

1) More information – more leads

First and foremost, data enrichment supplements the datasets possessed by an enterprise. This means that it adds to the currently owned information about prospects, thus providing additional leads. Increasing new data units to the database, the process of data enrichment also enriches the pool of leads available to the company. More data on persons that might be interested in the product or service offered, means more potential customers. Thus, enriching the database with data from a third-party source is a straightforward way to generate leads.

2) Fixing the problems

Another important way how data enrichment helps to get leads is by solving the issues of incomplete and incorrect data currently stored in the company’s database. Data about a certain person does not make it a lead if it lacks the contact information. Nor is it a lead if the contact information is outdated or incorrect. Data enrichment fixes these problems by checking the data units against the information in other sources and correcting the errors. It also supplements the information on a prospect by filling in the blanks on the contact details and other useful characteristics of potential customers. Only when the database is cleaned and rectified in such a way, can the data lines on persons or companies can be said to constitute leads.

3) Improved analytics

Getting leads is not only about acquiring information but also about knowing how to use it. The same data units may be meaningless to some, but a goldmine to others, depending on how well they are able to analyze it. Enriched datasets are much better prepared for analysis and allow to extract a deeper understanding of the prospects. When data is complemented and well-rounded, it is easier to construct high-quality lead scoring models, which allow to extract more actual value from the prospects. It may turn out only after the data is enriched that some data lines are not really led at all, as they describe entities that could not be customers to the company. It also may appear that some potential prospects are much better than expected, thus allowing to direct more time and effort towards them to ensure the result.

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