What Are Some of the Best Mac Apps for Efficient Multitasking?

Many artists, cinematographers, scriptwriters, and developers are using Mac to efficiently get complex work done. Although an ideal device for multitasking, you can further enhance this by installing certain apps. These apps can also improve customer experiences for iPhone users. You can download them from the app store with your Spectrum WiFi plan even if you’re traveling. Read about them in detail in the following passages.



You must try Magnet if you like the multitasking features of the Microsoft Windows operating system. With Magnet, you can drag app windows to screen edges. Consequently, your device will display them in split-screen view. There is no need to create a new workspace to do this.

Magnet also allows users to create a triple split-screen on a Mac. This helps users to organize and manage all the apps. Additionally, there is no need to drag any apps with the touchpad or mouse. With simple keyboard shortcuts, you can perform all these actions. You can also use a widget for Magnet. Magnet is available for $7.99. If you multitask frequently then it is an app worth buying.


Mission Control Plus

Mission Control Plus provides some missing abilities to Mac’s Mission Control. For one, it provides a small “X” sign at the top-left corner of every window. By clicking it, you can minimize the app. You can select the app from the dock to resume work from where you left. Another feature is that users can hide a window by pressing Cmd + H. They can also press Cmd + W to close a window. However, the app does not perform well when it comes to screen-splitting. Make sure to use the 10-day free trial. The app costs $10.99.



Tuck is an excellent tool to manage the active windows on your Mac. Move the cursor to the center of the screen edge to hide the active window. Repeat the process to make it visible again. You can use keyboard shortcuts to do this. By repeating the same gesture, you can hide an infinite number of apps. A menu bar widget simplifies things further. It displays all the windows currently hidden.

Tuck is a good option to enhance the multitasking abilities of your device. However, the free version is quite bothersome. This is because a warning will pop up quite frequently informing you that apps are hidden. If you purchase Tuck, this message will disappear. The app is available for $6.99.



Slidepad is an excellent tool to load web apps. You can use the mini web browser on the screen with a simple gesture. Move your cursor on the mini browser to pull out a panel. Here, you can add and load web apps. You can add as many apps here as you want to. The apps will not close if you switch between them. You can carry on from where you left.

Just access the app’s interface if you’re working on a video editing project and need a friend’s help who’s on Slack. You can easily open Slack on the mini browser while you work on the project. Slidepad is not necessarily a split-screen app. However, its propositions and functions are quite similar to one. It enhances the multitasking experience of users significantly. You can easily open multiple apps without affecting your device’s performance. A free trial of the app is available. The paid version costs $12.99.



If you like the Windows-style taskbar then uBar is for you. The app replaces the conventional macOS row of icons with it. On this taskbar, you can see all active apps. You can also see details such as time and date here. Along with this, a desktop shortcut and a quick access menu are also present here. If you hover the cursor over a certain app, then you will be able to preview the window. The best part about this app is that you can modify the theme and even personalize elements such as the opacity and background color. uBar is a little expensive compared to other such apps. With that said, it’s definitely a must-have if you’re looking for a Windows toolbar on your Mac device. You can purchase the app for $30. A free trial is also available.


These apps may be quite expensive, however, the fact remains. They will enhance the multitasking capabilities of your Mac device. You can work more fluently and smoothly. Try them out to increase your work productivity.

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