How to Track a Cell Phone Location (Step By Step Guide)

Cell phone tracking was never an easy job. Despite that, people have to do it to ensure the safety of loved ones when they are out. With a reliable location tracker, people can follow their loved ones from miles away.


But, it needs certain expertise and skills. If you don’t know how to do it then this post is going to help you a lot as it explains every bit of it.  So, stay tuned and scroll down to know more about how to get started with a cell phone location tracker.  

What You Need To Track a Cell Phone Location


Obviously, the first thing that you need to track a cell phone location with the number is a location tracker like Spyic. It is the right choice to make as it is built with quality technology and has won millions of hearts already.  


 This app is available for use in 190 nations without any added cost. Its performance is so commendable and out of the box that many leading media houses were forced to sing in its praise with full hearts.


The New York Times, Forbes, and many others have been its fan and featured in their special edition. To gather more information to track a cell phone location with the number using Spyic, click here.




How to Track a Cell Phone Location Using Spyic?


Using Spyic for cell phone location tracking is very easy. For both iOS and Android solutions, steps are easy-to-follow. Here are the steps to follow to get started with Spyic. 


Step 1 – Sign up

Visit the Spyic website, sign up and login in using your valid email and passwords.  

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Step 2 – Choose Subscription and Device OS


Select the type of targeted device and proceed to get the right subscription.   

How to track a cell phone location

Step 3 – Complete the app set-up to start using its service.


For iOS users, you need to verify the iCloud details of the targeted device. Once the verification is done, the syncing will be completed and the location tracking will start. 

For Android users, you need to download the location tracker app on the targeted device. Once you will pay for the subscription, you will get the app download link in your email. 


Download the app using the link and complete the installation. Run the app in stealth mode.  

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Step 4 – Access the dashboard using any other device and browser.


On the left-hand side of the app, there would be a “Location” feature. Click on it and you can see the live location rendering. 

In these simple steps, you can have started spying on the location of the targeted phone location.

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Why You Should Use Spyic For Location Tracking Job


Cell phone location tracking is a job that needs expertise and excellence to taste success. It has to be done with a quality tool and Spyic is that quality tool. It has some of the most impressive features and facilities which are stated below:


Spyic keeps risks at bay


Spyic is out of those few cell phone location trackers that have managed to keep tons of risks at bay. It is because its key technology is entirely free from rooting/jailbreak. 


Keeping a safe distance from these two activities means using Spyic will not cause any damage to the targeted device, the security will not be compromised at all, and the phone is not under the radar of common cyber activities. 


Also, it doesn’t save data on the server while working which means all the crucial data saved on the targeted device will be in safe hands from beginning to end. In short, there is nothing that can keep you awake while you track a cell phone location. 


Spyic has simplified location tracking a lot


Before Spyic comes into being, cell phone location tracking was a tough job. Expertise is needed for sure. This is why not everyone was able to accomplish the job with full conviction and perfection.

But, this is now possible as Spyic has simplified the location tracking a lot. 

Spyic for iOS is a web-based tool that can be at your service without any download and installation. You need to validate the iCloud credentials to start spying on the targeted device. 

For Android phone users, Spyic offers a very easy-to-use solution. The location tracker is less than 2MB in size which means the app will be at your service within five minutes. The entire set-up process is very much simplified and you won’t face any hassle in completing it. 



To make things a lot simplified, there are live demos available on the website for your reference. The live demos explain things a lot.


Spyic covers your track effortlessly


Spyic knows to keep your mission a secret affair from beginning to end as it is well-equipped in doing so. It comes with an in-built stealth mode to hide the app’s presence on the targeted device. 


Once the app is activated, no one will be able to find out the presence of a spy app on the targeted device. 


The dashboard works 100% remotely and needs no involvement of the targeted device to fetch the data. Even if the device is miles away from you, it will fetch all the details. 


Reliable cell phone location tracking


Spyic’s cell phone location tracking is reliable and cut-above. Effortlessly, it captures the GPS and Wi-Fi-based location in real-time. 

Using it, one can geo-fence the targeted device. You will be notified if your target visits certain restricted places. The data delivery is without any third person’s involvement.

How Much Do You Need To Spend For Spyic?


While Spyic offers such quality service, expenses are very less. Per month expense with Spyic is only $10. Yes, it’s true. Such an affordable service was never expected. At this cost, you can do more than location tracking. 


It can keep tabs on 35 phone activities at a time at the same cost which is an amazing thing. There is hardly any other location-tracking app that will help you with such detailed spying. 



Final words


Spyic has made location tracking a lot of simplified, easy, and affordable. No one ever thought that location tracking can be that easy. Try it once and you will be able to understand what we are saying.  

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