[STEP BY STEP] How to Sign a PDF online

Did you know that the same way you can sign with wet ink is applicable on the internet? You may have seen such signing in movies, but it only happens in high-end places. Now, it’s easy to sign a PDF document right where you are.

All you need is an enabled device and an internet connection to proceed. As long as you have the PDF on your device, getting a signature doesn’t need to take hours. There are many cases where you need to sign a PDF. The only problem was having to print, move, and wait.

If you know a solution like CocoSign, it will become the best advice you will ever give a person. That adds to having a favorite online platform to get the signatures done.

Part 1: Get the E-Signature Fast on a PDF with CocoSign

Now, it’s never a matter of visiting the essential places to get a signature or sign and deliver. Knowing about CocoSign is a blessing since it’s one of the online signing platforms that you can access while anywhere.

The e-signing solution is web-based, which means you only need a browser and internet connection to perform the duties. That is why companies and individuals all over the world prefer it over sending documents via a carrier.

Once the PDF is on your device, CocoSign can get it using a variety of uploading options. Later, it’s all about creating a signature and using it on the document using the available tools. If you have a digital signature already, you can upload it on the website and continue using it.


It’s entirely free to sign your PDF using CocoSign and also to share it with others. We are saying sharing since you can collect multiple signatures on it. That is why traveling will never be part of the plan when you have this platform by your side.

From governments to a deal between two parties, the e-signature will always be legal. Why? Because it’s still unique to you, just like the way you write using a pen. So, it’s a superb way to sign that pending PDF and involve anyone else on the list.

Part 2: Free and Professional in One Building – CocoSign

From contracts to legally binding documents, CocoSign will aid you in getting the signature done in minutes. The benefits outweigh the flaws by far here, not to mention it is entirely free to use it. That is why even the most prominent companies prefer it over sending the files.

Here is the convenience it brings when you need to sign the PDFs:

Multi-User Support

You can have single signatures or multiple depending on your PDF, and the participants needed. That is why it suits those who need more than one signature on a document. All you need is to sign your part and then send a link to the rest.

After that, just wait for the email to notify you when the others have attended to the PDF.

Use Any Device

CocoSign is a web-based platform. That means you only need the internet and a device with a browser. All smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are welcome.

More Ways to Create a Signature

There are several ways that you can use to have a signature in CocoSign. One of them is uploading a digital signature if you already have one. If not, you can use a stylus, touchpad, or mouse to write one.

Another way also involves the keyboard where you write your name and then let CocoSign offer you some suggestions.

Ample Online Storage

Once you sign the PDF, there is the download or send to email options. However, CocoSign has the storage you need to keep the document safe and readily accessible at the same time. That implies you can leave your documents in your account and access them at will.

If there is no time, then go to the CocoSign website to sign PDF online as you find more info. You will learn the various ways you can use the platform to your benefit when it’s time to sign.

As you involve others, they will see the benefits of attending to essential issues without moving. Now, it’s time to learn how to sign the PDF online using less than ten minutes.

Part 3: How to Sign PDF Using CocoSign

Step 1: Upload the PDF file on the CocoSign website. You can drag and drop or use the ‘choose file’ option. You can also upload via cloud storage like One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. If you have more than one document, keep uploading the relevant ones and then click ‘Next.’

How to sign a PDF digitally

Step 2: Once the document is uploaded, you can now insert the signature. CocoSign allows you to draw one using a graphic tablet, mouse, touchpad, or write using the keyboard. You can also insert other details such as the date and time, text, email, and initials.


How to sign a PDF online - Draw a signature-min

Step 3: If there are multiple signatures to be collected, send the link to the participants. Once they have finished signing, you will get a notification via email. After that, you can download the signed PDF, but you will need to register an account first.

There will be a popup to guide you through. You can also choose to sign up using your Google account. Later, you can download the file or send it directly to your email.


Now, it doesn’t matter where you are. Signing a PDF is a matter of minutes when you have CocoSign by your side. We love it since it’s completely free to sign. The only time a fee is charged is if you want the extra features.

The dashboard is fully compatible with all browsers. Making everything web-based allows you to access the website and your PDF documents anywhere without struggling. That is why everyone from freelancers to government agencies is falling for this fantastic solution.

Do you want to sign that PDF fast? It’s time to visit CocoSign and learn more.

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