3 Methods to Fix Nvidia Installer Failed Issue in Windows 10

Their’s one thing very true about me and that is I am a hard-core PC gamer. I just love to play real-time strategy and first person shooter type games. My all time favorite is destiny 2 and Halo wars 2, and I had big plans for my weekends. But all my excitement came to an end, thanks to my graphics card and “Nvidia installer failed” warning message.

What was my plan?

Recently I purchased GTA V to test the real power of my system. You see I consider my PC quite powerful as I packed it with 32 GB DDR4 RAM, Intel core i7 processor (7th generation) and GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card.

And as you might already know, GTA 5 is one among the world’s best open world game. It’s one of the most engaging and realistic games I have come across recently. But then you must also consider the fact that it is one of the most resource demanding game. If you don’t have at least 2 GB graphics card, then it will be challenging for you to play it.

Ok, you talk too much, tell me what happened?

After installing this monstrous game which took me almost 8 hours I tried to update my GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card with the latest graphics driver which I downloaded from the official website.

When I started the executable file, the installation process began normally without any sort of warning. But soon I noticed a weird log “Nvidia installer failed”. I was like what the hell, I installed the previous driver in the same way in which I am trying to install this new one but why I am being greeted with this warning.

After few retries, I thought that my installer is corrupt and so I downloaded a new one. But, guess what, again the same error.

Then I thought it might be happening because of the previously installed driver and so I just uninstalled it and restarted my system. But again the same error.

After wasting my two hours and lots of trial and errors, I found the solution. The culprit was Nvidia’s temporary files. These files were stored in a FileRepository folder inside the System32 directory in Windows 10 operating system.

Table of Contents

How to fix Nvidia Installer Failed error?

In this guide I will share with you three different methods based on my experience which I gained while troubleshooting “Nvidia installer failed” error in my Windows 10 OS.

I would like to point out that the first method in this guide is what I implemented on my system. It worked. It helped me get rid of this annoying error because of which I wasn’t able to enjoy my new game.

So I will suggest you follow the steps in my first method, and if it didn’t work, then you can move to the other methods.

Method 1: Remove All Nvidia driver files and temporary files.

use iobit uninstaller to remove nvida graphics driver from your system

This process requires you to install an additional application. Its name is IObit Uninstaller, and it is the one of the best free uninstaller application. It doesn’t help you to manage all your installed software, but it also helps you to manage windows updates.

1. Download this free software and install it.

2. Now open IOBit uninstaller and then search for Nvidia.

3. After the search, you will see three application, first one is your graphics card driver, second one will be PhysX System and thrid one will be GeForce Experience.

4. Select all these applications and then click on the Green “Uninstall” button on the right-hand side – top of the screen.

5. Once both of the application is uninstalled, you need to click on “Powerful Scan” button. Now IObit will scan for all sort of left over files and folders related to Nvidia on your system. After the search complete you will be able to see all those files.

6. First click on the “Shred Files” option and then click on “Delete” button. Now you will be greeted with a popup message asking you “are you sure?”, just click on Ok and then click on Close button.

7. Restart your computer or laptop and try to reinstall Nvidia driver. I am pretty sure, this time everything will go smoothly, and you won’t notice any notice any “Nvidia installer failed” error.

But in case (in a very rare case) if this method didn’t work for you then you should try the other two listed below.

Method 2: Manually Update Your Graphics Driver

Believe me; it’s one of the most boring tasks you will ever do in your life. I mean who update their system drivers through the control panel.

But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Before you proceed, make sure to run the Graphics card driver installer at-least once so that you have access to its extracted files.

Open up your control panel and search for Device Manager. Once you find it, click it to open it. Alternatively, on Windows 10 you can directly search for device manager in the search bar.

click on display adapters

2. Now click on the “Display Adapters” and then from the expanded menu right-click on your Nvidia graphics card.

click on Browser my computer for driver software

3. From the pop-up options click on “Update Driver” and then click on “Browser my computer for driver software”.

4. Now click on the browse button and navigate to following folder on your system. C:\\NVIDIA\\DisplayDriver\\versionnumber\\Win10\\International\\Display.Driver

5. Click on “Next” button and wait till the installation completes. Now open up Nvidia control panel and try to check if it’s the latest version by matching its version number.

If the first method didn’t worked then this method should definately work for you. Furthermore, you don’t need to uninstall or install any type of application. All you need is the latest version of graphic card driver and make sure to download it only from the official website.

Method 3: Run the installer in safe mode

Running any application in safe mode in windows operating system is itself a big challenge. But the steps below will help you get started.

1. If you are using windows 10, then just enter msconfig in the search bar and press Enter. If you are using any older version then first open Run and then input msconfig in the input-field and then press Enter.

reboot your system in safe mode and follow the steps

2. System configuration panel will open. Click on Boot tab and then under Boot options select safe mode and press ok. Now restart your system.

3. Now login to your windows account.

4. Open command prompt with administrative privilege.

5. Enter the following command in the command prompt.

REG ADD “HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\SafeBoot\\Minimal\\MSIServer” /VE /T REG_SZ /F /D “Service”

This command will help you to re-enable the windows installer. Now you might be able to uninstall and install applications.

6. Now try to install your GeForce graphics card firmware. I think this time you won’t face any sort of issue.

Few Important Points

1. Make sure that you download the firmware only from the official hardware manufacturer’s website.

2. Keep you operating system up to date. Switch on the automatic update feature of your OS and let it upgrade to the latest version. This will ensure our system ( including BIOS ) compatibility with latest firmware updates and will help to prevent any unknown issues.

3. It’s very unlikely but your Antivirus or anti-malware application might be the main culprit behind this problem. So while installing any new updates just disable your antivirus temporarily.

4. And finally make sure that your system’s harddrive have sufficient free space.

If all the three steps provided here fails then the only option left for you is to clean install Windows 10 (or any other older version) again on your system.

Bonus: Here’s a video tutorial