ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR: what is the error, how to fix it?

ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR: what is the error, how to fix it?

ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERRORWithout going into the particular features of the error itself and the methods for correcting it.

We immediately note that it is inherent exclusively in the Google Chrome Internet browser or other applications based on it.

And quite often, instead of the page being loaded, users receive a message on the screen indicating that ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR has failed.

What a mistake in front of us, we will try to figure it out. Having found out the reason for its appearance, then we can talk about how to deal with this problem.

ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR: what is the error?

In most cases, the official browser developer, Google, does not give a clear explanation of the nature of this failure.

Limited only to the explanation that its appearance indicates only that the browser cannot display the page with the specified URL address.

However, as practice shows, this happens most often when entering popular social networks or search engines.

So, for example, the failure of ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR CONTACT when trying to log into the network is the most common mistake.

Unfortunately, it seems that the site itself and its structure are written in such a way that other popular browsers are not insured against such problems.

Sometimes it concerns popular search engines. The failure of the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR “Yandex” occurs at least as often.

The reasons for this may be quite a lot, but for social programs and search engines, the main one is the presence of malicious software.

Which when trying to enter a page, involves executable scripts that block the display of data from a resource. But about everything in order.

The main types of failures

We note immediately that the name of the error ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is only part of the problem. In fact, there are several categories of such failures.

Among the most common are the following (with the prefix ERR_):

  • CONNECTION_RESET (code 101);
  • FAILD (code 2);
  • CONNECTION_FAILD (code 104);
  • NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (code 105);
  • CONNECTION_REFUSED (code 102);
  • PROTOCOL_ERROR (error code ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR (not indicated, instead, a message appears stating that the web page is not available).

However, similar remediation techniques are used for all these failures. Consider the most effective.

ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR: what is the error, how to fix it most simply?

As can be seen from the abbreviations that determine the type of failure, almost all of them are related either to the connection or to the impossibility of identifying any specific element of the site.

Concerning the connection, you can note the incorrect settings of the browser itself (note, not the protocols and parameters of Windows).

In the simplest version that can help fix the problem, you can try typing the chrome: // net-internals / # sockets command in the address bar.

Then in the window that appears, click on the “Flush sockets pools” icon. Although there is a warning on the right that this may disrupt the display of pages when the connection is active.

Very often this approach just allows you to get rid of the error when you try to log in again (it is advisable to restart the browser itself).

Malware removal

As already mentioned, the interpretation of the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR failure (what kind of error we are trying to find out) may imply the presence of malware and code in the system as the cause of the problem.

Often it is not even viruses, but what is today called Adware or Malware. However, some general-purpose utilities do not always cope with the removal of such components.

The developer himself recommends using his own tools. For example, for “Windows” is the package The Chrome Cleanup Tool For Windows.

If a problem is detected when working with apple systems, the developer suggests using the Finder application and then removing the garbage from the recycle bin.

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Cleaning Cookies and Cache

Sometimes the problem may be a large number of cookies and browser cache overflow. To perform such an operation.

Go to the settings section, select the personal data menu, and then use the button (or command) to delete the history.

Here it would be best if you marked all the cookies, and on the top, as the time interval, specify the line “For all time” (in some versions – “From the very beginning”). In most cases, you can eliminate the problem denoted as REFUSED in error.

Disable browser lock-in antivirus

There are situations when, for some reason, the site or page, and possibly the browser, is blocked by the installed anti-virus software.

Here you need to use the list of exceptions, which is available in any software package of this type.

Mostly the problem is with active protection. For example, in the AVAST program, you need to go to the basic settings, select the active protection section, and then use the file system screen settings.

Where the exceptions menu is selected. Please note: for the necessary processes, file extensions or pages, you need to tick all three positions:

  • R – read (read);
  • W – write (write);
  • X – execution (execute).

This procedure is most often used for RESOLVED errors. If an Apple page is not listed in the list, you can add them manually using the corresponding button below.

After that, you will need to perform similar actions, indicating permission to use the above parameters.

You can, of course, try to perform similar actions with the firewall; however, such operations are advisable mainly only in cases where there is a conflict between the antivirus and the firewall.

Setting proxy settings

No less common situation, when suddenly, for no reason at all, the message ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR appears.

you can call the wrong setting of the proxy server settings set in the Google Chrome browser.

We go in the browser first to the general, and then to the advanced settings, select the network unit, and then the network settings and connections section.

Here and in the proxy settings, we leave only the option of using automatic parameter detection checked. As is already clear, all other points remain untapped.

Now it remains only to confirm the amendments. To be sure, the changes take effect, you can restart the computer system, but this is not always a prerequisite.


Here, in brief, is all about ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR. What kind of error occurs when entering the web page, we have already figured out a little.

As we can see, in fact, the tools that allow correcting problematic failures are also quite simple.

In order not to bother users with technical terms and not to go into the wilds of computer technology, they were not specifically considered.

It is enough to know only that the described solutions work almost always. And to the ordinary user, as they say, more and is not required.

It remains to add that this problem, although inherent in Google Chrome browser, may also manifest itself in other software products created in its image and likeness, for example, the same Yandex Browser, 360 Browser, Chromium, etc.

All of them are corrected in the same way, except that some menus and commands may differ slightly, but the essence does not change.

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