Error Bad Pool Header Numbered 0x00000019 – The Ultimate Guide To Fix

Error Bad Pool Header Numbered 0x00000019 – The Ultimate Guide To Fix

Error Bad Pool Header Numbered 0x00000019 – The Ultimate Guide To FixBlue Screen of Death (Blue Screen of Death) appears on the computer screen of Windows users in the event of a critical error in the system.

Errors that cause the blue screen of death may be different. One of these errors is the Bad Pool Header, which has the code 0x00000019.


What does the Bad Pool Header error mean?

The Bad Pool Header error (“bad pool header”) means an invalid value for this variable. This error may mean that the operating system allocated the wrong amount of memory for the operation of a specific application or a component of the system itself.


Causes of Bad Pool Header error

The considered error causing a blue screen may have one or more of the following reasons:

  • misconfigured, outdated or corrupted drivers of one of the devices;
  • incorrect installation or removal of software, resulting in damage to the registry keys of the operating system;
  • Windows file corruption by virus or malware;
  • device conflict after installing new equipment;
  • accidental damage or deletion of Windows files;
  • computer hard drive malfunction;
  • malfunctions of RAM.


Not enough hard drive, including the presence of a variety of damage

If there is a lot of damage (broken sectors) on your HDD or SSD, then this problem cannot be solved programmatically – unfortunately, you will need to buy a new hard disk. If the hard drive is just 100% full.

Then you will have to remove all the extra information from it, which is the cause of problems with loading the operating system.


Lack of RAM due to its small size initially or damage to the slats

If the memory strip is defective, then, sadly as it may sound, you will have to replace them.

If the amount of RAM is simply not enough for Windows to work correctly, then you need to add the number of strips (in case of free RAM slots on the motherboard).

Hardware problems

Hardware problemsIf malfunctions in the operating system (including the emergence of blue screens of the Bad Pool Header type).

Result from equipment malfunction or a conflict of recently installed equipment with other computer devices.

The system will be restored to a point before the installation of conflicting equipment.


The error in question may also be caused by the presence of viruses on the computer. In the presence of viruses, the problem can be corrected by booting the operating system in safe mode, updating the anti-virus database and performing a full system scan.


Disorder in the system files or in the registry

When the Bad Pool Header appears due to registry errors, you need to configure it correctly. These actions are not recommended to be done manually.

So you should better use special software to automatically work with the registry. One of these free system utilities is ReimageRepair.

Incorrect update

This reason when the error 0x00000019 appears is very rare, but it cannot be excluded.

If the Windows update were performed with an error, you would have to install this update from Windows Update again.


How to fix Bad Pool Header

The First Option

In the Windows operating systems (7, 8, 10), the problem of error 0x00000019 is solved in approximately the same way.

To restore the system, you should use the following algorithm:

  • go to the properties of the computer;
  • go to the tab “System Protection”;
  • in the menu that appears, select the System Protection tab and click the Restore button;
  • tick the box “Show other restore points”;
  • select the point that corresponds to the time period of normal computer operation;
  • Click “Next” and “Finish”;
  • in the pop-up window agree with the start of the system recovery process.


NOTE. System recovery can take from several minutes to several hours, the computer at this time can be restarted several times. Please wait until the system is fully restored – you will receive a notification about this fact.

To scan your computer for viruses, do the following:

  • install antivirus software (if it is not already installed), for example, Avira Free Antivirus;
  • right-click on the anti-virus icon in the tray and select the “Scan” item in the context menu that appears;
  • wait for the scan;
  • restart the computer.


System disruptions due to incorrect updates are most often found in Windows 10. If automatic updates can be turned off at 7 or 8, then at 10 security updates are always downloaded (about 1-2 times a month). To reinstall the Windows 10 update, you will need:

  • go to “Parameters” (located in the start menu);
  • select “Updates and Security”;
  • click the button “Check for update”;
  • Download the necessary security updates and restart the computer.


IMPORTANT. Despite a large number of causes for the 0x00000019 error and the many ways to eliminate it, if the blue screens of the Bad Pool Header continue to appear when running Windows, contact the nearest computer service center.

After all, not all computer problems can be solved independently, in case of serious errors (especially at the hardware level), the help of specialists may be needed.


Error correction

They can appear for various reasons: as a result of the abrupt, incorrect shutdown of Windows, the presence of hard disk defects or faulty software.

They are fixed quite simply with the help of utilities built into the system. However, verification may take a long time.

How to do it, you can read in the article on the topic of hard disk error recovery. Usually, after solving the problem, the blue screen with code 0x00000019 disappears.


Installed programs

It is possible that the blue screen with the message bad pool header will cause installed programs. Most often, this is software that runs in the background.

For example, antiviruses (AVAST antivirus is often to blame), Acronis (incorporates the Acronis sheduler2 service, which automatically loads when Windows starts) and others.

Also, there are blame games or other programs that until recently worked stably. The solution is to reinstall or completely remove the software.


Equipment conflicts

Often, the stop error 0x00000019 appears after connecting additional equipment. Any peripherals (external HDD hard drives, flash drives, cameras, scanners, printers, card readers, etc.) can be used as such.

This may be due to their incorrect operation or incompatibility with the installed OS Windows. It is treated by disabling or reinstalling the additional software required for their work.


Clogged disk

This is probably the most common reason for the appearance of a bad pool header.

With insufficient space on one of the sections of the hard drive, the system can not write to it the necessary files required for the operation of certain services and programs.

As a result, the stop screen appears 0x00000019.

All that is needed is to free up space by deleting unused programs and personal files. Be sure to use the program Ccleaner.

And it additionally cleans your computer by deleting temporary files, cache browsers, and various applications.


Check Winchester

A hard disk is a device that can fail at any time, especially if it serves you long enough (3-5 years or more) or you experience constant power outages in terms of computer power.

As a result of physical or premature wear due to overheating, damage, HDD performance is impaired, which is why a message with the code bad pool header appears.

Therefore, it is mandatory to check the HDD with a special Victoria utility and fix the defects found, but this does not always work out, sometimes only the replacement saves.


Defects or incompatibility of RAM

The first signal of the presence of a malfunction on the RAM side is the appearance of bsod 0x00000019 during the installation of Windows.

It is enough to remove one memory module, leaving the other plugged in, of course, if you have two, after which the problem disappears immediately. You can also try to swap them.

Sometimes memory modules may be incompatible with each other or the motherboard. There is nothing you can do, and you need to change.

You cannot exclude the presence of errors. Users of Windows 10 and 8 can check it with the help of a special utility, which by default is present in the system. To run it, you need:

  • Press WIN + R, enter the phrase without quotes “mdsched.exe” and click “OK”.
  • Choose the very first item.

After that, a reboot will be performed with the subsequent start of the check. After the end of which, all the found defects will be displayed in the corresponding column.

Replacing defective RAM modules will solve the problem with the appearance of the bad pool header stop code.


Presence of malware

Viruses can not only slow down your computer but also completely disrupt it, causing various disruptions. The bad pool header error, accompanied by the special code 0x00000019, is a type of failure.

Therefore, even if you have Windows Defender turned on or any other third-party antivirus is installed, it is still worth checking your computer with additional funds. They are no less effective and do not conflict with antivirus software.


Registry Edit

The registry is the basis on which the correct operation of the OS is built. As a result of various failures.

Its integrity is violated, which is why the operating system stops working with the entire set of programs installed correctly.

Programs can either simply not start, or issue various malfunction messages, in the worst case, we see the blue screen 0x00000019 known to us.

To solve the problem, I recommend using utilities that correct registry entries. These include CCleaner, Reg Organizer, and others.  

As a rule, after fixing the problems found, the working capacity of Windows is restored and the bsod bad pool header ceases to appear.

What else can help

To remedy the situation and return the OS to its former performance can:

  • Roll back the system to the last operating state. But here it is important that the recovery points are present.
  • Remove previously installed updates.
  • Setting a higher paging file size.

These are the most common ways to eliminate the blue screen 0x00000019, which helped users more often.


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