10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps

Though WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of our lives, we can’t take it for granted and let someone like a minor kid use it unmonitored. The Internet is filled with incidents where people have faced the worst terrors just because of WhatsApp.  

People have faced bullying and harassment over WhatsApp. If you don’t want to let any of your loved ones face such terror then you need to do continual monitoring of WhatsApp. 

If you have no idea how it can be done, try this post. We are going to talk about the top 10 WhatsApp spy apps that will help you through and through. 


What are the best WhatsApp Spy Apps?

#1 – Spyic 

The number one WhatsApp spy app in the list is Spyic. Media houses like Top 10 Review and CNET have praised it multiple times. They have declared Spyic the best WhatsApp spy app for many good reasons. 


It is a remote phone monitoring spy app that is built with the world’s most innovative AI and is packed with every ultra-modern feature. The app has already won millions of hearts and gained popularity at a global level. 

Presently, it is available to use in 190 nations and all of its customers swear by its performance. Read this article to know more about this Whatsapp spy. 

Also, we are going to give you a quick overview of those reasons:


  • Gone those days when WhatsApp spying used to be a risky job. With Spyic’s rooting/jailbreak free technology, traditional phone spying risks are miles away from you. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the compromised OS security and reduce performance.
  • Spyic has managed to win our trust because of its ability to work without saving data on the server. By ditching this practice, Spyic managed to keep tons of cyber world vulnerabilities at bay.  
  • Spyic has every single feature that any tool is needed to keep its operations a secret affair. It has an in-built stealth mode and a remote dashboard.  
  • Spyic’s ultra-modern technology has made WhatsApp spying everyone’s cup of tea. For iOS, it offers a 100% browser-based solution that can be at service without any installation and set-up. 
  • Spyic for Android is a simplified and straightforward app with a familiar set-up. 
  • With Spyic, one can get hold of quality and real-time data as it delivers data with timestamps. Also, its data delivery is without third-persons’ involvement. Hence, you can trust it completely. 
  • While helping you with so many things, Spyic never charges you a bomb. Its assistance is affordable. It’s hard to believe, but the monthly expense of spying on one’s phone indeed is only $10.   


#2 – Spyier  


Spyier is our second best choice when you think of risk-free and easy WhatsApp spying. Like Spyic, it also works with rooting/jailbreak. 


What impressed us more is its cut-above keylogger. Without raising an alarm, it captures the WhatsApp message details and helps you spy on others. 


Spyier is also famous for its perfect feature-combo. Its features are equipped enough to keep track of activities like media shared, status uploaded, video calls made, and chat done on WhatsApp without any worries. 

#3 – Minspy 


Wondering how to get quality WhatsApp details without letting anyone know about it? Try using Minspy. Packed with some amazing features, this phone monitoring app can be trusted by any novice. You can protect yourself when gaming online with MiniSpy, one of the best WhatsApp Spy Apps out there.


  • Minspy has great compatibility and works perfectly fine with all the leading OS like Android and iOS. It can be used on tablets as well. 


  • Its ability to capture the data remotely has managed to win millions of hearts. People know that no one will be able to find out about their mission with Minspy. 

#4 – Spyine 


For all those people used to think that Spyine is the job of a tech-whiz Spyine is the answer. With this WhatsApp spy app, no special tool or technique should back you. The website has responsive customer support and informative live demos to help you out. 


Its stealth mode is a work-of-art and helps you have a good night’s sleep by concealing the app’s presence on the targeted device completely. 


#5 – Neatspy 


Neatspy and its risk-free is the best thing that ever happened to mankind. Try using it once and its feature-suite is the best thing one can ever have as this spy app makes rooting and jailbreak-free hacking possible.  


Without putting forward any kind of hectic requirements, it offers its help which is why millions of people have shown trust in it. 

#6 – Safespy


The user-friendly interface and responsive customer care support made Safespy something that we all can trust upon.  


Along with WhatsApp, it can keep tabs on 35 other phone activities at the same cost. Hence, this is the best deal to crack. 


#7 – TeenSafe 


TeenSafe is worthy of your trust and money as this spy app offers risk-free assistance and is well-equipped to keep your operations a secret affair.   


The data is captured in real-time and nothing is left out. From chats to media, everything will be exclusively recorded for you. 

#8 – Spyzie 

Though there are tons of reasons behind Spyzie’s entry in our list, we would mention timestamp data and remote dashboard at first. Because of these two features, you can enjoy best-of-the-breed spying. 


If you haven’t done WhatsApp spying before then Spyzie is a blessing in disguise. It is easy-to-use and guides you through and through. 

#9 – Fonemonitor 


Fonemonitor has been made into our list because of its ability to keep traditional phone spying risks at bay. As it works without saving data on the server, we have no qualms to support it. 


  • The WhatsApp spy app is available for iOS and Android platforms. Almost every latest version is supported by it. 


  • Secrecy is one thing that you should be sure about while using Fonemonitor. 

#10 – Cocospy  

We are wrapping up the article with Cocospy. It is easy-to-use, feature-rich, and works amazingly. The cost is also very much affordable. While you are using this tool, you can be sure about secrecy and data integrity. 


Final words   


We are living in a highly advanced world sticking to old technology is no longer needed. If you still think that WhatsApp spying is only possible with rooting/jailbreak, check this list. We just told you about the top 10 apps for this, to help you succeed in your job effortlessly.


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